Separatists sentenced two OSCE staff to lengthy prison terms

Shabanov was arrested last April along with another OSCE staff member. The separatist authorities have accused him of providing the CIA with information on separatist troop movements since August 2021 when he was working as the OSCE’s security assistant at the Stakhanovskaya base.

“I demand their immediate and unconditional release,” OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid in Vienna said of the two convicted and arrested OSCE colleagues. Schmid said the men in Ukraine were simply carrying out their official duties, which were delegated to them by the OSCE’s 57 member states. In doing so, he implied that Russia had originally supported the mandate of the observer mission.

Report: Gazprom workers should pay for soldiers’ medicine

1:58 pm: Employees of Russian state gas company Gazprom have reportedly been forced by their superiors to pay Russian soldiers 1,000 rubles (about 16.60 euros) per head for medical care. “Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty” journalist Mark Krutov published the corresponding screenshot on his Twitter account.

The images reportedly show a chat group of Gazprom security guards from the Russian Republic of Sakha. According to the published message, Gazprom “voluntarily agreed to financially support the purchase of drugs.” After the transfer, Gazprom employees must send their last name and the last four digits of their account number to a telephone number. Thus, they should prove that they have really donated to buy the medicine.

Gazprom has not yet responded to a request from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. According to Krutov, the chat group from which the screenshot came is only calling for voluntary donations.

Experts: Putin is increasingly creating alternatives to regular troops

1.50 PM: Russian President Vladimir Putin is increasingly dependent on alternatives, according to independent military experts, given his armed forces’ significant losses in the war in Ukraine. Analysts at the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) wrote Sunday evening (the Kremlin is increasingly focusing on recruiting unprepared volunteers into irregular improvised units rather than using them as reserves or replacements for local Russian troops. Time).

Experts see Putin’s strained relationship with his own military leadership and defense ministry over the summer, particularly after recent territorial losses, as one reason. In their counteroffensive in northeastern Ukraine in early September, Ukrainian forces in the Kharkov region advanced as far as Oskil.





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