War The facts are turning: Is Putin coming back now?

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How is the situation in Ukraine? The events of the past few days are not only happening on the battlefield. Things are also getting tumultuous at Western European government headquarters. After months of fighting, wrangling over weapons and sanctions, it is slowly becoming clear where red line Move forward in this conflict, like its cautious move Olaf Scholz Explaining and what Vladimir Putin Can do next.

How did the head of the Kremlin threaten the chancellor with a nuclear attack on Germany? Why isn’t Germany supplying battle tanks to the Ukrainians – and is that changing now? Is Putin going to lose the war, or is he going to get revenge? And what does this have to do with the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which has suddenly flared up again?

Explosive questions arise today. My colleagues Lisa Fritts, Mark von Loupke, and I try to answer them in our podcast. Please listen.


sit down

There is hope even in difficult times. For example, I look forward to curling up on the sofa with a good book on a Sunday afternoon after a hard week. I hope you have something beautiful in mind too. I wish you a relaxing weekend.



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