Azerbaijan and Armenia: No more European double standards

In order not to continue funding Vladimir Putin, we get gas elsewhere – and thus support the next warmongering dictator. No more double standards! You have to think about this carefully: an authoritarian neighboring country is attacking a democracy. For his attack, which violated international law, the dictator exploited, among other things, Europe’s power dependence on him. What do you think first? Right, Russia and Ukraine. But guess what? The same thing is happening a little further east: on September 13, Azerbaijan’s oil and gas dictatorship launched an attack on its neighbor Armenia. To my motherland. We are punishing Putin for his bloody attacks and war crimes against the people of Ukraine. But Azerbaijan’s dictator Ilham Aliyev gets money, praise and kid gloves from the EU. And this at a time when he is demanding another state, wants to take it and ethnically cleanse it. What do you call it, I call it a disgusting double standard! Response to corpse defilement? Deafening Silence Only Thursday, Azerbaijani soldiers revealed the atrocities they are committing against Armenians in Telegram (and those who can’t stand descriptions of brutal war crimes should stop reading here): Dead body of Armenian female soldier seen, naked, mutilated, mutilated, hate graffiti covered with The laughter of Azerbaijanis can be heard in the background of the video. Reactions to the video in the Azerbaijani Telegram group: contempt, satisfaction, laughter and heart emojis. Criminals do not hide their brutality, there is no need to reveal anything, they themselves boast of their inhumanity. War Crimes: Azerbaijanis Atrocized Dead Armenian Woman A Response From Federal Government? There is nothing there. A statement from EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who signed a gas deal with Azerbaijan in July to move away from Russian gas? Deafening silence. Ms von der Leyen said democratic values ​​were so important: “This is the price of Putin’s path to death and destruction,” she said Wednesday before the European Parliament in Strasbourg about sanctions against Russia. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s ruler Aliyev bombed southern Armenia and left a trail of death and destruction. Von der Leyen called Aliyev a “trusted partner” when the gas deal was signed in July. Perhaps that is why he does not comment on Azerbaijan’s invasion of Armenia. Of course, EU citizens shouldn’t be frozen out this winter after Russian gas is released, as “missing observers” is a German excuse. Food prices should not explode. The European Union, in Germany, should not suffer from the fact that our economic and foreign policy shows solidarity with the Ukrainians. Stare at the face of another murderous dictator, somewhere on Europe’s doorstep, in a small country in the Caucasus (where is he? again?). One can feign ignorance, like the German Foreign Ministry spokesman, who, when asked for a statement about the situation at a federal press conference on Wednesday, could not identify an attacker at all because “there was a lack of independent observers.” (which is not true). How about that again with the traffic light coalition’s “value-based foreign policy”? But it’s not just the ruling coalition of SPD, Greens and FDP that will be criticized here. Azerbaijani lobbyists have influenced the union’s parliamentary group for years. The so-called Azerbaijan connection was the basis of pro-regime statements by Union politicians and lobbying for the dictator Aliyev. “Protective power” does not protect Russia Anyone who wants to make things too easy for himself tries to see the world like James. Bond film: Armenia’s “protecting power” is Russia, it’s always said. So it’s not so bad if Armenians are bombed, tortured, desecrated, because they are friends of evil? Well, the so-called defensive force, on the contrary, does nothing defensive. Putin maintains strong economic ties with Aliyev, regularly reaffirming mutual cooperation and shaking hands with him with smiles and friendship, as he did recently at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan. Aliyev himself has said he wants to rule Armenia right now, after three days of shelling, a fragile ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It was mediated by the United States, not Russia. But anyone even remotely familiar with Azerbaijan and its relations with Armenia knows that this truce will not last long. Dictator Aliyev will not rest until he conquers all of Armenia (he has repeatedly declared this in speeches to his people since 2013). Or until the international community finally stops it, above all the EU, which legitimized Aliyev’s move with its gas purchases. And now it’s getting scandalous: Pigs are more likely to learn to fly. The Armenian people, who narrowly escaped total annihilation at the turn of the 20th century and have since had to fight for survival at regular intervals – most recently in the bloody Nagorno-Karabakh war in 2020 – have no one to rely on. Nevertheless, it is important that we shout to our representatives in Berlin, Brussels and Strasbourg: stop this damnable double standard!


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