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Zelenskij will address the UN General Assembly via video

5.05 am: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s personal participation in the general debate of the UN General Assembly is unlikely. A resolution is in the works that would allow Ukraine’s head of state to address major political events via video, several New York diplomats confirmed to the German press agency on Wednesday (local time). A vote in the General Assembly, which would require a simple majority of voting countries among the 193 member states, according to Ukrainian data, is likely to take place on Friday. It is expected that if voted on, the resolution will likely receive the necessary votes.

Military Command: Six Russian howitzers destroyed

4.55 am: Operations Command South reported that Ukrainian forces destroyed six Russian howitzers, several armored vehicles and two ammunition dumps in the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions. Although the situation in southern Ukraine is tense, Ukrainian forces are holding their positions in the liberated areas, the command said. Information cannot be independently verified

Ukrainian parliament speaker calls on German leadership

2.30 PM: At the start of his visit to Germany, the President of the Ukrainian Parliament, Ruslan Stepanchuk, called on the federal government to play a leading role in the supply of main battle tanks to Ukraine. “Germany should play its leadership role and be the first country to supply battle tanks,” Stefanchuk told the German Press Agency on Wednesday evening after arriving in Berlin. “A country like Germany does not wait to see what others do.”

Selenskyj confirmed: The dam’s pumping station was damaged after the rocket attack

1.45 am: President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that a pumping station at the dam of the Inhulets River was damaged during the attack on the town of Kryvyi Rih. He talked about trying to flood his hometown. Unverified videos show that the water level in the inlet appears to be rising rapidly. “All the occupiers can do is create panic, create a state of emergency, leave people without light, heat, water or food,” Zelensky wrote in a telegram. “Can it break us? Not at all.”

Zelensky was involved in a car accident in Kiev

1 o’clock: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was involved in a car accident, according to his spokesman in Kiev. A car collided with the head of state’s car and an escort vehicle, spokesman Serhiy Nikiforov wrote on Facebook on Thursday morning.

Selenskij was examined by a doctor. “No serious injuries were found.” Initially, no details were given about his physical condition. Paramedics treated the driver of the other vehicle and took him to the hospital. Police are investigating the circumstances of the accident. On Wednesday, Selenskyj visited the eastern Ukrainian city of Izium, which was recaptured a few days ago.

EPP chief demands German battle tanks for Ukraine

12:30 am: European People’s Party (EPP) chairman Manfred Weber has called on the federal government to supply battle tanks to Ukraine. “The Ukrainian army is showing that it can win this war with the right help. That’s why the federal government should clear the way for the supply of battle tanks,” the Christian Democrat told the Funke Media Group newspaper. It can shorten wars, limit destruction and much suffering. “The federal government is demanding a leading role for Germany in Europe and in the future European Defense Union. That is why the federal government should also lead.”



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