Seven of the 18 federal rescue helicopters crashed

The Federal Ministry of Home Affairs provides helicopters for air rescue. According to a press report, a large part of them should not be suitable for air.

Several Federal Civil Defense helicopters are temporarily out of service due to technical glitches. A spokesperson of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) in Ban said this. “Neue Westfälische” previously reported that seven civil defense helicopters are currently grounded due to technical faults. Air rescue centers in Frankfurt/Main, Hannover, Kassel, Duisburg, Bielefeld, Hamburg and Sieblin in Schleswig-Holstein were damaged.

According to federal police, damage to a control rod was first noticed in a helicopter when the radio system was changed, the newspaper reported. The commissioned company has already made similar modifications to twelve helicopters.

Damage assessment is underway

After becoming aware of the first defect, the Federal Police Flying Group responsible for the BBK carried out random tests on other helicopters and brought to light similar defects. In order not to jeopardize flight safety, the affected helicopters were initially withdrawn from flight operations.

It is not yet certain when they will be able to fly again. According to newspaper reports, the Federal Police is working on the plane to assess the damage and resume flight operations as soon as possible. The two air rescue stations “Christoph 14” in Transnstein and “Christoph 17” in Kempten-Durach, which have rescue winches, were not affected by the damage.

BBK has a total of 18 civil defense helicopters. This is used in 12 positions. The helicopters are owned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which is responsible for BBK. They are made available in federal states.


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