Ukraine: Massive blackout after shelling

Under pressure from Ukraine’s counteroffensive, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced the withdrawal of its own troops from the Kharkiv region over the weekend, more than six months after the start of the war. The withdrawal was officially justified by a tactical “remobilization” of units.

Kharkiv: Early morning Russian missiles. (Source: Vadim Belikov)

200 days of war: Zelensky thanks Ukrainians for saving country

On the 200th day of the war, Zelensky thanked his compatriots for defending their homeland. “We have achieved a lot in these 200 days, but the most important and therefore the most difficult thing is still ahead of us,” Zelensky said in his video speech on Monday night. Among other things, he thanked the Ukrainian ground forces, the air force, the navy – and everyone who is writing “the history of freedom, the history of victory, the history of Ukraine” on this day.

Traffic lights Politicians want more support for Ukrainian advance

In light of recent successes in Kiev, leading politicians from the Traffic Light Party in the Bundestag have called for more support for a military invasion of Ukraine. “Germany must immediately play its part in the success of Ukraine and provide armored vehicles, Marder infantry fighting vehicles and Leopard 2 main battle tanks,” defense committee chair Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann told the German press agency. SPD leader Lars Klingbeil did not at least turn a blind eye to this and emphasized the need for international coordination.


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Putin and Macron address Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron called Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin to discuss the ongoing crisis at the Russian-held Ukrainian nuclear power plant Zaporizhia. A Kremlin statement said Putin called for international action to end attacks on Ukraine. Macron, in turn, insisted that Russian occupation was the cause of the dangerous situation at the nuclear power plant, the Elysee Palace said. He demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops. Ukraine has repeatedly accused Russia of firing.

It is also known on Sunday that the largest nuclear power plant in Europe has to be completely shut down. According to Ukraine’s nuclear authority Enerhoatom, the shelling temporarily disrupted all connection lines of the power grid. The Russian side also confirmed the shutdown of the power plant, with two IAEA employees still monitoring the situation.

Which will be important on Monday

Starting this Monday, Russian citizens will no longer benefit from the issuance of a simplified visa for travel to Germany and other countries in the Schengen area. The agreement between the EU and Russia to facilitate the issuance of visas for Russian citizens has been completely suspended following a decision by EU states last week.


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