President Zelenskij settles scores with Russia in poetry

After an attack on Ukraine’s electricity supply, President Zelenskiy settled scores with Russia – and used a special musical instrument.

In response to recent Ukrainian advances in the country’s northeast, Russia’s military fired rockets at civilian infrastructure in the region on Sunday. One of the country’s largest thermal power plants was hit in Kharkiv, knocking out power in many towns in eastern Ukraine. President Zelensky condemned the attack in special terms.

He first condemned “acts of terrorism” and spoke of “brutal rocket attacks on civilian critical infrastructure”. The Ukrainian president then dedicated a poem to the Russian aggressor.

“Without gas or without you? Without you.”

In it, the former actor and comedian first emphasized the unwavering will of the Ukrainian people to win and asked: “Do you still think that you can scare us, break us, bring us to action? Have you really not understood anything? “

Zelenskij then clarifies how he will decide if he has to choose between independence and efficient electricity and gas supply. So he wrote: “Read my lips: without gas or without you? Without you.” No matter what deprivation one asks, the answer is always “without you”, because there is nothing so terrible as “friendship and brotherhood” in Russia. Zelenskij ends his poem with a vision and predicts: “But history will fix everything. And we will do without gas, light, water and food … and you!” The post now has over 400,000 likes.


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