“From now on Kubiki will wear a mask outside”

A photo causes a sensation: Alleged “corona panic maker” Lauterbach snapped with alleged corona light Pa Kubicki – both with masks.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) persuaded Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) to wear masks outside as well – he wrote on Twitter. “From now on, Wolfgang Kubicki will also wear a mask outside,” Lauterbach said in his post. On the rooftop of Berlin’s RTL Capital Studios, Lauterbach, who is considered particularly alert, photographed himself and Kubicki with a mask at the RTL and N-TV summer party.

A flood of comments immediately erupted – and Kubicki was vilified as a “traitor” and “fallen” by mask opponents. What happened?

Kubicki is considered a particularly combative opponent of state-imposed measures. He also admitted to breaking the Corona rules while meeting at a village pub during the lockdown. Not surprisingly, he himself wears a mask.

Kubicki against mandatory mask wearing

Even when he was one of the first politicians to call for an end to mask requirements in February, he had no fundamental doubts about the usefulness of masks. In a “Welt” interview at the time, he said he was against the order. But they no longer need to, “because people know they are best protected if they wear FFP2 masks.” So the mask should only recommend, “I would recommend it on a subway or S-Bahn for my own visit”.

At the outdoor summer festival, however, they were outliers as mask-wearers, and only Lauterbach consistently wore protection among the guests. And it wasn’t initially clear whether Kubicki was engaging in a joke between old hands in politics. A little later he tried to turn the tables on Facebook. He then wrote that he was able to convince Lauterbach “that wearing a mask is not prohibited if you want to.” They tried it and it worked – “without any government orders”. Dissatisfaction is still great in the comments.



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