Johnson used the last speech to criticize Putin

In a recent Downing Street speech, Johnson found clear words against Vladimir Putin. He again strongly condemned the war.

Boris Johnson used his last speech as British Prime Minister to criticize the Russian president. He told Downing Street on Tuesday that Britain had helped change the course of Ukraine’s war of aggression against Russia through rapid arms shipments. The country will do whatever it takes to get people through the energy crisis caused by Putin’s demonic wars. “I know Liz Truss and her administration will do whatever it takes to get through this crisis,” Johnson said. “If Putin thinks he can win by blackmailing or bullying the British people – then he is completely blind.”

British Tories on Monday elected Liz Truss as the party’s new leader. Boris Johnson resigned after numerous scandals surrounding his behavior during the corona lockdown. As reported by news agency AFP, Russia said it “does not expect any change” from the change in British government.

Vladimir Putin has been at war in Ukraine for more than six months. Thousands have been killed, millions have fled. Great Britain helps supply arms to Ukraine.

“Strong Support”

In his speech, Johnson promised his successor Liz Truss “nothing but strong support”. Hundreds of employees, members of parliament, photographers and journalists gathered in the blocked streets.


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