Cyber ​​war: Kremlin soldiers trick women with photos

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has also spawned unprecedented cyber warfare. An explosive report shows the war on the Internet could have massive repercussions.

A group of Ukrainian hackers reportedly used pictures of women to trick Russian soldiers into sharing sensitive combat information. According to a report in the Financial Times (FT), IT experts set up fake profiles of women on social networks to trap soldiers. They are said to have sent back pictures of themselves. This enabled the military to locate and attack a Russian base in southern Ukraine.

Last month, the hacker group “Hack Your Mom” ​​suspected a remote Russian base in the occupied southern Ukrainian city of Melitopol. According to the report, which is based on the statements of several hackers and Ukrainian government officials, IT experts are said to have tricked Russian soldiers with false female profiles including Telegram.

“FT” quoted the 30-year-old leader of the hacker group, Nikita Kinsh, who is from Kharkiv. They send a lot of shit to the ‘girls’ to prove they are fighters,” Nish told the newspaper about the Russian soldiers. The pictures were sent to the Ukrainian military. Moments later there was an attack on the base.

Ukrainian media reported the attack

The information provided by the hacker has not yet been independently verified. The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not respond to “FT’s” request. Ukrainian news site Ukrainska Pravda reported last month that an explosion had occurred at a Russian military base in Melitopol.

Russia’s aggression has also sparked unprecedented cyber warfare. Hackers on both sides continue to attack government facilities and infrastructure. According to him, the group around Nish has already controlled Russian television stations and entered the database of Russian military organizations. Nish founded the group to use his expertise to help Ukraine. “Hack Your Mom” ​​consists of 30 hackers from different regions of Ukraine.


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