Ukraine war on the blog Injured by shelling at Enerhodor nuclear power plant in the city

Dmytro Orlo, mayor of Enerhoda, a fugitive in Ukraine, spoke of a provocation: Russian soldiers had opened fire. He accused Moscow of “nuclear blackmail” because Russian troops are stationed at nuclear power plants. The international community fears a possible nuclear accident due to the fighting at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

EU foreign policy chief Borrell is against the entry ban on Russians

23:00 EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell believes a total ban on Russians entering the EU is “not a good idea”. On Sunday evening on Austrian television station ORF, the Spaniard warned against cutting off contact with the Russian civilian population. Such a sweeping move will have no positive results. “In any case, I am not in favor of no longer issuing visas.” Furthermore, he does not believe that the EU has the necessary unanimity for a decision on the matter.

According to a report in the Financial Times, the European Union is preparing to limit entry options for Russian citizens due to the war in Ukraine.

Kremlin official announces “referendum” on alliance with Russia

10:10 pm: Russia continues to aim for a union of Ukraine’s occupied territories with so-called referendums. On Sunday, senior Kremlin official Sergei Kiriyenko released a statistic showing that 91 to 92 percent of the population of the pro-Russian separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk favor joining Russia. It is 75 to 77 percent in the Kherson and Zaporizhia areas conquered since February. Kirienko was referring to surveys of the region.

Russian online portal Medusa, which operates from Latvia, cited Kremlin sources as saying support for accession was low. In the occupied territories vote, about 30 percent voted for Russia and many against. The rest did not provide any information.

Russian and Ukrainian media have repeatedly speculated about a “referendum” in the occupied territories in September. Foreign experts see the Kremlin as pressed for time. Donetsk is supposed to be included within the borders of what Russia recognizes as an independent state. However, a large part of the area is still protected by Ukrainian troops. If Ukraine launches a counter-offensive in Kherson, it risks losing the conquered territory again.

Russian missile strikes in northern and eastern Ukraine

10:05 PM: According to authorities, Russia launched a rocket attack on the Rivne region of northern Ukraine on Sunday evening. Regional chief Vitaly Koval said in a telegram that a military object was hit in Sarni district. A residential building was also damaged, said Mayor Ruslan Serpenino. There was no information about the potential victim. The information could not initially be independently verified.

Activists in neighboring Belarus have linked several Russian warplanes flying from Belarusian airfields to the attack. Its ruler, Alexander Lukashenko, made his country available as a staging area for Russian troops against Ukraine.


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