Lindner on gas tariffs: Don’t shy away from revisions

The surcharge is intended to compensate large importers such as Uniper for a sharp increase in their procurement costs as Russian gas supplies are cut off to protect them from bankruptcy and the collapse of the German energy system. All gas customers will pay an extra 2.4 cents per kilowatt hour from October, including private households and companies. About half of the apartments in Germany are heated with gas.

There are critics of the tariff – because companies that are doing well economically can also benefit from it. The federal government has so far withheld the levy. Recently, however, calls for improvements to the traffic light alliance have grown louder. Michael Kruse, energy policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, called for stricter requirements. SPD leader Saskia Esken has threatened to blockade the Bundestag in a dispute over the design of the gas levy.

Habeck apparently wants to check the gas allocation

According to a report by “Welt”, Habeck commented on the review of gas tariffs. According to newspaper information, the circle of authorized companies at the Westphalian Entrepreneurship Day in Münster should be reduced as far as possible. In principle, the claim exists even for entities that need not exist.

“Still, of course we have a political problem, which has pretty much ruined my day for the last 48 hours,” Habeck was quoted as saying. Could be a valid claim. You will now take a closer look to see if there is a way to close this valid claim. No comment was initially received from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

On Thursday, Habeck advised companies that “make good profits” not to be reimbursed from the levy. “But of course we’re also looking at how many free riders there are now. Of course it’s not meant that way.” The crowd is not particularly high. “But we’re re-examining that, in addition to the question of, ‘Is this really necessary?’, there’s another rule that makes things more difficult for these companies.”


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