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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

“Psycho terror in women’s handball”? Spiegel article suggests EM makes waves

Accompanied by a lot of unrest, the German handball women started their preparation for the European Championship.

Markus Gaugisch’s anticipation of his first tournament preparation as national coach was “mega” when he climbed out of the bus at the Sporthotel Großwallstadt at 4.10 a.m. in the middle of the night.

But in view of the great unrest in German women’s handball about serious allegations of psychological violence against a long-time Bundesliga coach, Gaugisch is initially also in demand as a moderator and psychologist.

“Of course, the topic cannot be completely hidden. It would also be strange if it were different,” Gaugisch said SID at the start of the hot phase of the EM preparation of the DHB team.

He wants to give the topic space in the coming days and weeks, “if there is a need for further discussion,” he said: “Nevertheless, we should also look and focus on preparing for the European Championship and then the tournament itself. “

Mia Zschocke and Amelie Berger take DHB to task

That shouldn’t be that easy, because the allegations made in mirror under the title “Psychoterror in German women’s handball” were made public, have it all.

Mia Zschocke, who was nominated for the European Championships in Slovenia, North Macedonia and Montenegro (November 4th to 20th), is also one of those affected. Together with the currently injured national player Amelie Berger, she also called on the German Handball Federation (DHB), which had employed the coach concerned on a fee basis as U20 national coach for three years until the end of August, to process the events.

“We both play for Germany with a lot of heart and soul. It would be desirable for the future if our association offered more protection and more support in such sensitive matters,” said the former Borussia Dortmund players to Der Spiegel.

Berger and Zschocke had submitted their resignation to BVB and contacted the contact point against violence in sport, and the club released the coach in September.

Topic makes waves in the Bundesliga

The topic is making waves in the league. DHB, league and clubs “will have to think very seriously about what lessons and possible consequences can be drawn from this case,” wrote Peter Prior, long-time manager of Buxtehuder SV, in a detailed statement.

With regard to the duty of care, those responsible in the clubs for which the coach worked would have to ask themselves “whether they have fulfilled their responsibility towards the players. The same applies to the DHB.”

DHB takes “allegations very seriously”

For the association, the published allegations are “in no way in line with the values ​​of handball”. The DHB “feels with the players concerned and takes the allegations very seriously, critically questions its own approach and reviews its processes,” it said SID-Inquiry.

“After the first indications of possible misconduct became known, action was taken immediately on the basis of the knowledge known at the time in accordance with the recommendations for action for sports clubs and internal awareness was raised at all levels for the prevention of violence”.

During his time with the association, there were no allegations against the trainer “that became known to the DHB board”.

Gaugisch: “We’ll do it again”

In this difficult situation, it is now up to Gaugisch and his 18 nominated handball players around captains Emily Bölk and Alina Grijseels to keep a cool head and focus on the upcoming European Championship.

“The team did that professionally and well with the last measure,” says Gaugisch and is convinced: “We will do it again now.”


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