Cup winner Kiel beats master Magdeburg

The first round goes to the cup winner: THW Kiel has won the Handball Supercup for the twelfth time and sent a first signal in the direction of the German champions SC Magdeburg. In the prestige duel with the SCM, coach Filip Jicha’s team won 36:33 (16:16) on Wednesday evening and thus celebrated success for the third time in a row in the first endurance test of the season.

In what was at times a turbulent game in Düsseldorf, Austria’s Nikola Bilyk was THW’s best thrower with eight goals. Kiel is unbeaten in the last three direct duels with Magdeburg. “It’s not about who scores the goals, we want to win trophies together,” Bilyk said sky.

Thanks to the outstanding world handball player Niklas Landin in goal, Kiel initially dominated the action. But the champion recovered and equalized at the break. The expected nerve thriller developed in the second round – thanks to Landin and the outstanding Bilyk and Patrick Wiencek (7 goals) with the better end for Kiel.

The Supercup traditionally heralds the new season – and offers the opportunity to take stock of where you are. The currently two best teams in German handball wanted to use this. After all, the winner goes into the upcoming “ten-month showdown,” according to Jicha, with a mental advantage. “We want the title,” said THW captain Domagoj Duvnjak before the game.

Magdeburg coach Bennet Wiegert also went into the first endurance test with a clear goal: “It’s the first title of the season. If you can win it, you should do it.”

THW Kiel celebrates a tailor-made start

It was a premiere: with Tanja Kuttler and Maike Merz, two women led the men’s Supercup for the first time. While master trainer Wiegert was able to rely on his proven staff, the dethroned handball leader Kiel was still missing the long-term injured Hendrik Pekeler and Sander Sagosen.

However, THW didn’t show any sign of this at the beginning of the game – and started dominantly. While Kiel repeatedly rewarded themselves for their attacking game, Landin, who is starting his last season with Kiel, despaired of the champions’ offensive with several saves. An artful throw by Steffen Weinhold (11th) from his own half to make it 8:3 crowned the cup winner’s strong early phase.

As a result, the Magdeburgers freed themselves from the pressure of the record champions – also because Nikola Portner, the new goalkeeper of the SCM, got more balls. Step by step, Magdeburg fought back. In the final phase, however, Kiel set the first exclamation mark of the season.

Emotional start: Ukrainian champions are defeated by Dormagen

In the support program for the Supercup, the Ukrainian guest starter HK Motor Zaporischschja celebrated an emotional start to the competitive game in the 2nd Bundesliga against Bayer Dormagen. “It’s always a great honor for me to show how great Ukrainian handball is,” said left winger Alexander Kasai after the 28:33 (15:17) dem SID.

The game in the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the temporary home of the Ukrainians, was all about peace. “Stop was!” stood in the hall on the LED screens.

Numerous Ukrainians cheered on their team from the ranks. They had received free tickets for the Zaporischschja game and the subsequent Supercup between Magdeburg and Kiel.

Because of the Russian attack, the Ukrainian series champion is playing in Germany this season. “I believe that this project can be a huge advertisement,” HBL Managing Director Frank Bohmann told the newspapers of the Funke Media Group before the meeting: “We mustn’t forget that there are now around a million Ukrainians living in our country, who support their team and… can support our league.”

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