“I can not imagine with the best will”

Rapid Vienna does not let up with Sturm sports director Andreas Schicker

The rumors about Andreas Schicker and Rapid Vienna do not abate. Sturm President Christian Jauk does not want to comment, coach Christian Ilzer does not believe in it.

It is no longer a secret that SK Rapid Sturm Managing Director Andreas Schicker wants to get rid of him. The successful head of sports should get something countable out of the 30 million euro budget of Hütteldorfer – around three times as much money as Schicker has in Styria.

In Graz one hopes that Schicker will stay, who has a contract until the summer of 2024. A clear edge can not be heard from the Presidium. “I read more of the Rapid rumor from the newspaper. In such situations, I stick to my line: It makes little sense to comment here,” said Storm President Christian Jauk on Sky about the speculation.

Sturm coach Christian Ilzer, Schicker’s congenial partner, was a little clearer. “I know Andi very well now. I think one thing is clear: I can’t imagine moving within Austria right now, with the best will in the world. But that’s just my personal assessment,” says Ilzer.

Ilzer: “Working together forever? Unfortunately, it won’t play”

“But you’ll have to ask him yourself. We’re professionals. We don’t swear allegiance. But everyone knows how we work, how connected we are. But that we’ll work together forever, unfortunately that probably won’t work out.”

The general interest in Schicker doesn’t surprise Ilzer, however, “you only have to look at his work, it clearly arouses interest, he has made an enormous contribution to how Sturm has developed”. The cooperation with Schicker is “outstanding”, says Ilzer, “everything is very consistent, we have established ourselves as number two in Austria, I don’t think any of us have plans to move anywhere within Austria”, Ilzer wants nothing to do with it know a farewell to the competition.

And Schicker himself? He swayed, but did not elicit a clear denial either: “It hasn’t changed, that’s a rumor. There hasn’t been any contact yet and I feel very comfortable in Styria.”



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