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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Rejection of Rapid! Sturm Graz announces contract extension with Andreas Schicker

SK Sturm and Andreas Schicker have put an end to rumors of a potential move to Rapid Vienna. The sporting director of Grazer extends his contract in Styria ahead of schedule.

The rumors about Sturm sports director Andreas Schicker and Rapid Vienna persisted for days. On Monday evening, the people of Graz ended the speculation. Schicker is extending his contract early until 2026. The native of Upper Styria, who has been with the club since 2018 and took over as head of sport in 2020, will continue to manage the sporting fortunes of the black and white team.

“I have repeatedly emphasized that my path at SK Sturm is not yet over. The excellent cooperation with Christian Ilzer and his entire coaching team, the team as well as the board and the president is incredible fun and is also successful because after like everyone pulling together. I feel extremely comfortable in Styria and with SK Sturm,” said Schicker in a broadcast.

Schicker continues: “Two and a half years ago we issued a three-year plan – even if we were quickly ahead of this plan, the development arrow is still pointing upwards, the team and the club are constantly developing and have not yet exhausted the existing potential SK Sturm is on an exciting and challenging path that I would like to continue to help shape. We still have big goals together, and we will work hard to achieve them.”

Christian Jauk: “A clear sign for SK Sturm”

Sturm President Christian Jauk also commented on the new deal: “When we expressed our confidence in Andreas Schicker in 2020, a young man from our own ranks, it also took a bit of courage. Now, of course, we know that with Andi we have an absolute Goldgriff have made. The young way of SK Sturm, the sporting successes of the last few years, the transfers on a scale that was completely new for Sturm and the associated economic success – all these things are incredibly closely linked to the name Andreas Schicker.”

The early extension of Schicker’s contract is “a clear sign for SK Sturm,” said Jauk. A few days earlier, Sturm coach Christian Ilzer doubted a Schicker move to Vienna. “Right now I can’t imagine moving within Austria, with the best will in the world. We have established ourselves as number two in Austria, I don’t think any of us have any plans to move anywhere within Austria,” says Ilzer, who is with should be right in his prognosis.


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