Antonio Rüdiger wants to donate World Cup bonus

Antonio Rüdiger wants to donate World Cup bonus

Noble gesture from national player Antonio Rüdiger: The Real Madrid professional will donate his World Cup bonus to charity in his “second home” Sierra Leone. There, the DFB defense chief, together with the aid organization BigShoe, finances expensive and life-changing treatments for needy children. Like all other national players, Rüdiger will receive 400,000 euros if he wins the title for the fifth time, and staggered less if he is eliminated earlier.

“It hurts to see the conditions under which the children in Sierra Leone grow up. Unfortunately, nothing can be taken for granted for these children,” said Rüdiger. The little patients come from the provincial town of Lunsar and mostly suffer from congenital club feet. Disabilities are socially stigmatized in Sierra Leone, so the children are mostly socially isolated and victims of bullying.

For Rüdiger, his help is a “point of honor”. In Germany he “got the opportunities that many people in Sierra Leone, my mother’s home country, are denied. I am grateful for these opportunities and appreciate the privileged situation I find myself in,” he said.

The 29-year-old, who also wants to cheer up the kids with Real jerseys, wants to “implement many more projects in Sierra Leone” with his family in the future. He has traveled to the African country several times for this purpose, and the “Antonio Rüdiger for Sierra Leone” foundation is scheduled to start in 2023.


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