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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

FC Augsburg – VfL Bochum 0: 1: VfL celebrates their second win in a row against FCA

Second win in a row: VfL Bochum wins 1-0 in Augsburg, only Christopher Antwi-Adjei could have scored three goals.

Christopher Antwi-Adjei stormed onto the pitch at the final whistle, jubilantly, and a little later the VfL Bochum match winner jumped up and down with his teammates in front of the away block. “No more 2nd division”, chanted the VfL fans after the 1-0 (0-0) win at FC Augsburg, with which Bochum celebrated a second win in a row for the first time this season and set an important example in the relegation battle.

“Christopher could have scored three goals today. Now we’re going into the break positively and enjoying the return trip for the time being,” said Bochum’s Philipp Hofmann. Teammate Simon Zoller said something similar after the first away win of the season on Sky: “It’s very nice – also because we’re getting a few more days of vacation, although it’s actually a shame that it’s going to be a break.”

The Augsburg hosts, who missed a penalty after Mergim Berisha’s goal from the strong Antwi-Adjei (58th) (61st), are on the other hand still on the way down towards the bottom of the table after seven games without a three-pointer.

The frustration was correspondingly great. “It’s extremely disappointing. We started the game very well, but then completely lost the line. That’s just not enough,” said FCA manager Stefan Reuter. Goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz even said: “From the 20th minute it was a dead game for us.”


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