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World Cup 2022 – FIFA and DFB in focus: pressure in the compensation debate is growing

Waiver demands on the DFB, pressure on FIFA – and the ban on human rights shirts. The debate about the World Cup in Qatar remains heated.

Beaming, Gianni Infantino greeted his World Cup referees before posing skillfully for photos in a red training jacket. Shortly before the start of the tournament, the FIFA boss once again spread a demonstratively good mood when welcoming the referees in Doha. And that despite the fact that FIFA is not only criticized for the ban on Danish human rights shirts. At the same time, the pressure is increasing in the heated debate about compensation.

The world association and the Qatari hosts are still playing for time. In Germany, however, the discussions are gaining momentum as a result of fan demands for the DFB and the players to waive the World Cup funds. The association takes “the information seriously and wants to enter into a dialogue with the fans, but also refers to the clear responsibility of FIFA,” said the DFB on Friday.

Should FIFA reject the idea of ​​a fund in favor of migrant workers in Qatar, “we expect the DFB to use its prize money independently for compensation payments. The DFB national players should donate any prize money for the same purpose,” says one Open letter from the BoycottQatar2022 initiative and other fan representatives. However, the DFB still sees the ball in FIFA’s field – as does Amnesty International.

“Amid this growing outcry, the most important voice of all has remained conspicuously silent: that of Gianni Infantino,” Amnesty Secretary-General Agnes Callamard wrote in the French newspaper Le Monde. The fact that the FIFA boss recently wrote to the participants demanding that they refrain from “moral lessons” was described as a “crass attempt to suppress FIFA’s guilt for these abuses and its responsibility towards these workers”.

World Cup 2022: According to Qatar, the compensation fund is a “publicity stunt”

DFB boss Bernd Neuendorf has long since joined the calls for such a fund. The DFB also refers to paragraph 6 of the human rights policy of the world association. In it, FIFA undertakes, among other things, “to make amends in the event of negative impacts on human rights that it has caused or to which it has contributed”.

The Qatari Minister of Labor recently spoke of an “advertising stunt” and FIFA is avoiding a clear positioning – the world association, on the other hand, created facts on another topic. FIFA banned training jerseys worn by the Danes with the inscription “Human rights for all” and, when asked, referred to their guidelines, according to which political, religious or personal slogans are prohibited on the equipment.

World Cup: Denmark regrets ban on training shirts

“We regret that, but we have to take it into account,” said Jakob Jensen, general secretary of the Danish association. From the point of view of the Danes, who will nevertheless wear all-black shirts as a sign against the exploitation of workers, the slogan is not a political message. Despite everything, they want to stick to the decision in order to avoid sanctions.

The “One Love” bandages could also provide further explosives in the coming days. DFB captain Manuel Neuer and several other nations are planning a sign of diversity. But it is still unclear whether FIFA will allow this.

In any case, Leon Goretzka sees the DFB stars as having a duty in Qatar. “It will be our job to use the world’s attention at a tournament like this to convey the values ​​that are important to us,” said the international ZDF-Documentary secret matter Qatar. In the best case scenario, a sign must be “maximum visibility”. You can “rely on the fact that we will do everything for it”.


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