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Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker 0:1

FC Bayern Munich is a guest at FC Schalke 04 today SPOX the encounter of the 15th matchday can be followed in the live ticker.

Last against first! In the game between FC Schalke 04 and FC Bayern Munich, the role of favorites couldn’t be clearer. Will FCB get an easy threesome? Or will the royal blues create the sensation? SPOX ticks the game live.

Schalke 04 vs Bayern Munich – 0:1 (0:1)

Gates 0-1 Gnabry (38′)
Formation Schalke 04 Schwolow – Brunner, Yoshida, Matriciani, T. Mohr – Kral, Krauss, Drexler, Bülter, Karaman – Terodde
Bayern Munich line-up Neuer – Kimmich, Pavard, Upamecano, Hernandez – Musiala, Goretzka, L. Sané, Coman, Gnabry – Choupo-Moting

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Schalke 04 vs. FC Bayern Munich: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – 0:1

Halftime | With good organization, Schalke faced the Bavarian superiority in the first round. It took 25 minutes before Bayern got their first good chance through Gnabry: Krauss was able to save. That was impossible later in the game, however, when Musiala filed the heel-heel for Gnabry, who put Bayern in front with his 8th goal of the season. Shortly before the half-time whistle, Terodde missed a Mohr cross by just an inch. Nevertheless, a comeback by FC Schalke would be at least a big surprise.

Schalke 04 vs. FC Bayern Munich: Bundesliga live ticker – 1st half

45th + 2nd | The first half is over!

45+1 | One minute is replayed.

45. | Terodde missed a Mohr cross by a hair’s breadth, had separated himself between Pavard and Upamecano. Lucky for Bayern!

43. | Almost the 0:2! Choupo-Moting, by the way one of four ex-Schalke players in the FCB starting XI, defends the ball with his back to the goal and gives it into the lane. Gnabry prepares for the lob against Schwolow, but then Mohr rushes up and grabs the ball for a corner kick out of bounds!

41. | Musiala chases the ball away from a Schalke and directs the counterattack via Sane. The advanced Hernandez pushes into the penalty area on the left, but cannot assert himself. As a result, the leather lands again in front of Musiala’s feet, who now chooses the direct conclusion. His flick lands far to the right above the gate. He can do better, he knows that too and is annoyed.

Schalke 04 vs. FC Bayern Munich: Gnabry to 0: 1!

38. | GOOOOOOR! FC Schalke 04 – FC BAYERN MUNICH 0:1. Bayern lead! Gnabry sends Kimmich to the right wing, moves up and gets the ball back. Musiala crosses into the box, is played and lays down with the hoe. No Schalke gets the ball – but Gnabry! He immediately pulls from twelve meters and hits the goal flat. He lacks precision, but Schwolow can’t get to it because he has no vision.

36. | After a Schalke corner, Sane marches off, looking for Gnabry, who has almost a clear path. Drexler does everything right and chooses the early foul as a means in the Bavarian third of defense, but then collides with Matriciani and pays for his foul play with a slight headache.

34. | And the next excitement: Schwolow fends off a Choupo-Moting header to the short left corner, the post comes to his aid!

31. | It’s important that Brunner gets the ball at the far post! Gnabry can hold the ball on the right in the sixteen and does not let Mohr, Krauss or Bülter get to the ball. Kimmich takes the deposit in the back room directly and crosses to the left. Hernandez only has to hold out the turnip, but Brunner was careful and cleared it for a corner.

29 | Upamecano heads the following corner in the middle of the box well over the goal, he lacked the right timing.

26. | Krauss saves! Gnabry takes off after a Coman cross and heads the ball centrally on goal from a few meters. Unclear if Schwolow would have gotten his hands on the degree; he doesn’t have to because Krauss is in the way and clears the corner!

24. | Bülter! Schalke doesn’t even need a counterattack to get in front of Bayern’s goal. Terodde comes up short, drops for Krauss. Bülter ignites the turbo on the left, Kimmich escapes and is sent into the alley by Krauss. The Bayern captain breaks off the pursuit on the sixteen. Bülter pulls from the left to the goal and from eight meters from an acute angle. Neuer has to go, dives to the left and deflects the shot to the side.

23. | Nagelsmann grabs Musiala, speaks patiently and explains. Is that the master plan for 1-0?

21. | There was more in it. Kral grabs an Upamecano header from the penalty area and passes it straight to Karaman. 16 meters from the goal and “Upa” in front of his chest, his nerves fail him. His degree fails, slips over his instep without need. Kral is not enthusiastic.

20. | At the beginning of the game, Musiala was a topic, who is currently making his 100th competitive appearance for Bayern in the Veltins Arena. Curiously, he is the best ball winner in Bayern today, played as a midfielder: he has already managed the defensive feat four times.

19 | Bayern play complicated and probably didn’t expect the good order that Schalke brought to the pitch. Would you like an example? Goretzka sends Gnabry into the penalty area on the right, but plays the ball in his back. The triple goal scorer from Tuesday evening first loses his orientation, then the ball.

17 | Sane initiates an urgent search in the center, looking for allusions. He has no success – and therefore shoots from a good 30 meters and with many Schalke cores in front of the lens on the box. Admittedly, with Sane the chances are higher that something good will come of it. In that case, the shot lands two or three meters above the Schalke goal.

15. | Incidentally, Mazraoui is plagued by thigh problems: That’s why Coman moved into the starting eleven and Kimmich on the right defensive side.

14. | 14 minutes and still 0-0. I dare to call it a partial success for FC Schalke.

12. | A Gnabry flank fails completely, the trajectory is more like a balloon ride. Coman runs after him, gets the ball down and lobs it over Brunner. Goretzka, who was a step too fast, missed the return pass into the box.

9. | Gnabry has some space on the right in the penalty area, speculates about whether to pass or shoot and decides on the latter. The powerful conclusion from an acute angle whizzes over the crossbar, Schwolow does not have to intervene.

7. | The corner flag fouls Neuer! Of course it’s nonsense. The keeper sprints along the goal line, wants to prevent the corner kick with a sliding tackle. Bad luck, he only catches him with his shin. When he gets up he gets tangled up in the flag. The grandstand pours a bucket of malice over the ex-Schalke.

6. | Krauss makes calf biters and chases Sane through midfield. With a clean tackle, the six conquers the ball, there is a lot of applause from the ranks.

4. | Schalke with the first flank. Bülter prevails on the left wing against noble temporary defender Kimmich and crosses to the middle. Upamecano reaches the touchdown faster than Terodde and clears for a throw-in

3. | Gnabry is initially on the right wing. Coman, who is allowed to play again from the start for the first time since the 11th matchday, is oriented to the left.

1. | Sane dances out two Schalke players just behind the center line and is put down by Drexler in good time. Musiala had taken off.

1. | Here we go!

Schalke 04 vs. FC Bayern Munich: Bundesliga in the live ticker – before the start

Before start: Felix Zwayer is the referee of the game in which Bayern, as leaders (31 points), meet bottom of the table from Gelsenkirchen (9).

Before start: But it gets worse: Musiala was directly involved in just as many goals as Schalke scored (13). This fact alone serves as a diagram for the very unequal balance of power.

Before start: Musiala has played a large part in this. It’s hard to believe that the 19-year-old is about to make his 100th competitive appearance for FC Bayern (27 goals, 13 assists)! He has already scored 12 goals this season, including all competitions.

Before start: While Schalke are stingy with goals as a promoted team – which is no wonder – Bayern are flooding the Bundesliga with their goals. 47 after 14 games – only the FCB team from 1976/77 was better.

Before start: It’s been a long time since Schalke’s last win over Bayern: it was a 1-0 win in the DFB Cup in March 2011.

Before start: In the past decade, these duels have mainly been a beating for the miners: Bayern have won ten of the last eleven competitive games at Schalke (one draw), nine times they have not even conceded a goal…

Before start: Why does Mazraoui have to stew on the bench? Like Nagelsmann just before kick-off sky revealed, the defender is plagued by thigh problems: “That’s why we’re putting Josh on the right back. And everyone needs match practice before the World Cup. So we’re going for the full band.”

Before start: Coman’s arrival comes at the expense of right-back Mazraoui, who is on the bench for the time being, as is De Ligt. Kimmich plays for him on the right side.

Before start: A few days after the 1-0 win over Mainz 05, Thomas Reis made one change. Mollet has to wait for his turn, but Drexler can play instead from the start. Meanwhile, Sidi Sane – the brother of Bayern’s Leroy – is also sitting on the Schalke bench.

Schalke 04 vs. FC Bayern Munich: The line-ups

Before start: The lineups are here! How to get into the game:

  • Schalke 04: Schwolow – Brunner, Yoshida, Matriciani, T. Mohr – Kral, Krauss, Drexler, Bülter, Karaman – Terodde
  • FC Bayern: Neuer – Kimmich, Pavard, Upamecano, Hernandez – Musiala, Goretzka, L. Sané, Coman, Gnabry – Choupo-Moting

Before start: FC Schalke 04 vs. FC Bayern Munich is also the duel between bottom and top of the table. The favorite role is therefore clearly distributed. FC Bayern won their last five games and took the top spot in the table, partly because Union Berlin failed several times. Now the lead over the Iron is four points. Opponents Schalke 04, on the other hand, are bottom of the table with nine points. Last Wednesday, the Royal Blues still managed to win against FSV Mainz 05, so that they are only two points behind the relegation place.

Before start: The match will be kicked off at 6.30 p.m. in the Veltins Arena (Gelsenkirchen).

Before start: Hello and welcome to the duel between FC Schalke 04 and FC Bayern Munich.

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