Gerard Piqué founds his own football league

Gerard Piqué founds his own football league

Gerard Piqué remains true to football after retiring from FC Barcelona. With the creation of the Kings League, the long-time Barça star has launched a new competition that, according to mark “should revolutionize football”.

In the so-called “Kings League”, a total of twelve teams are to compete against each other in a league mode on Sundays. The teams consist of six players. The exact date for the start of the new league has not yet been set. The games are to be broadcast on the Twitch streaming platform and on YouTube.

In addition to some Spanish streamers, the team managers also include well-known stars such as Sergio Kun Agüero or Iker Casillas. Barcelona is the fixed venue for the games.

The aim of the project is to add a new dimension to the world of football. For this reason, the rules of the game would also aim to add an extra appeal to the beautiful game.

Interested participants can apply themselves on the project website. After the application process, 120 players will be selected to undergo physical and professional tests. Then a draft like in the NBA should be carried out.


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