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Kaiserslautern vs. 1. FC Nuremberg: 2. Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker

Traditional duel in the 2nd Bundesliga! 1. FC Kaiserslautern welcomes 1. FC Nuremberg. Here you can follow the entire game in the live ticker.

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Kaiserslautern – 1. FC Nuremberg 0:0

List Kaiserslautern Luthe-Durm, Bormuth, Tomiak, Zuck-Niehues, Ritter, J. Zimmer, Klement, Redondo-Boyd
Lineup 1. FC Nuremberg Mathenia – Gyamerah, Schindler, J. Lawrence, Nürnberger – Geis, Tempelmann, Castrop, Möller Daehli – Duah, Schleimer
yellow cards Room (37th) – Gyamerah (38th)

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Kaiserslautern vs. 1. FC Nuremberg: 2. Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – 0:0

Kaiserslautern vs. 1. FC Nuremberg: 2nd Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – yellow card Gyamerah

38th: Jan Gyamerah is also cautioned, for whom this is the second yellow card of the current season.

Kaiserslautern vs. 1. FC Nuremberg: 2. Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – yellow card room

37th: After a foul by Jean Zimmer on Jan Gyamerah, both players come together. There’s a little poison in there for the first time. So he, the referee, decides to reach for the yellow box for the first time. This is the fifth warning for Zimmer, which means a ban for the upcoming away game in Bielefeld.

36th: After a corner taken briefly on the right by Philipp Klement, Marlon Ritter launches a sensitive cross from a half-right position. But she only finds a Nuremberg head.

33rd: Overall, one can speak of a fairly open game. The FCN records the slightly larger game shares. On the other hand, the FCK seems a little more determined and comes to an end a touch more often. The home side had two decent goal scenes.

29th: The guests want to get into the sixteen with a free kick. Johannes Geis kicks the ball forward into the penalty area, but cannot find a teammate there. The Lauterers can clarify without any problems.

26th: Then Erik Durm kicks the ball forward for a long time. The ball lands on Marlon Ritter, who takes the game equipment with him and shoots it halfway to the right near the penalty area. The right-hand shot just misses the long corner.

24th: Overall, things have calmed down on the pitch. Tempo is currently not in the game. Both teams neutralize each other. So there have been no goal closures for quite some time.

22nd: Now the Middle Franconia are at least working out a corner kick again. But the guys from Markus Weinzierl don’t know what to do with that. The standard situation fizzles out.

20th: Then Michael Bacher is challenged and has to arbitrate between Boris Tomiak and Jens Castrop. That looks like a warning to both of them. The yellow card is still stuck.

17th: Sometimes the home side willingly let the opponent do as they please, then grab hold of them at some point and try to switch quickly. The appearance of the Lauterer seems more dynamic and purposeful. Nuremberg has not come to an end for about ten minutes.

15th: After a handball by Jens Castrop, the ball is ready for a free kick for the Palatinate in the left half-field. Philipp Klement takes care of it. Boris Tomiak heads the cross well over the crossbar.

13th: FCK is currently setting the accents. Dirk Schuster’s men have taken over the events a bit and don’t let the guests develop as well.

11th: Shortly thereafter, the Lauterers were awarded their first corner. On the left, Philipp Klement steps into action. Boris Tomiak extended his cross with a head. Julian Niehues stands at the level of the second post and skulls the pill on goal. Nuremberg’s Lino Tempelmann is on the right post and blocks the ball with his upper body.

10th: Then the hosts try to be purposeful. Jean Zimmer hits a left-footed shot from the second row. The ball even flies towards the goal, but is easily held by Christian Mathenia.

8th.: This resulted in the first corner kick of the game, which Johannes Geis kicked into the home team’s penalty area from the right. Christopher Schindler tries to extend the header but misses the short corner.

8th.: After a mistake by Hendrick Zuck, who plays into the feet of Nuremberg’s Jens Catrop, Lukas Schleimer tries to find his way into the sixteen, but then puts the ball too far in front of him. This gives Erik Durm the opportunity to clarify for FCK.

6th: For now, the club has more of the game, the Middle Franconia stay quite extensively in the opposing half. Only now do the Lauterer start a quick counterattack, which, however, soon gets stuck.

4th: The meeting is now back on. And then Ritter returns too. The jaw is still in the correct position, so it can continue.

3rd: Lino Tempelmann hits Marlon Ritter in the face with the ball from a short distance. This one goes down. The referee stops the game to allow the coaches access to the pitch.

2nd: The guests immediately show up and try to score a first goal in the person of Johannes Geis. The midfielder gets stuck with his right-footed shot.

Kaiserslautern vs. 1. FC Nuremberg: 2nd Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – kick-off 1st half

1.: The kick-off has just taken place, the guests open the game. The mild temperatures of over 20 degrees ensure extremely pleasant conditions in the Palatinate. Rainfall is not in sight. The Betzenberg is sold out. Up to this point, nothing is left to be desired. Now only the pros have to deliver on the pitch.

Kaiserslautern vs. 1. FC Nuremberg: 2nd Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – before the start

Before start: Due to the large rush, numerous football fans are still walking around the stadium and are asking for admission. Therefore, the kick-off should be postponed by ten minutes.

Before start: Just before kick-off we look at the referee team. Michael Bacher was entrusted with the direction of the game. The 31-year-old referee is making his 43rd appearance in the German lower house of football. He is assisted by the assistants Nico Fuchs and Tobias Fritsch. Tobias Endriss is the fourth official.

Before start: The last time these two teams met was in the DFB Cup. At the end of October 2019, the score was 2-2 after 120 minutes before the Lauterers won the penalty shoot-out at home 6-5. The last joint championship season was played in 2017/2018 in the 2nd division. At that time they separated 1:1 on the Betzenberg and Nürnberg won their home game 3:0. FCK’s last win on their own field goes back one season (1-0). And we have to look back a season for the club’s last away win at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion (0:3).

Before start: Kaiserslautern has certain problems at home and has collected one point less (nine) at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion than when traveling (ten). Two weeks ago it was a sensitive 0:3 defeat against Regensburg. Before that, the Palatinate drew three times at home and previously lost 0-1 against Paderborn. The only two wins at home come from the beginning of the season, when they won 2-1 against Hannover and St. Pauli. FCK scored three times in Rostock last weekend (2-0).

Before start: After the dismissal of Robert Klauß – as a result of a 0:3 bankruptcy in Karlsruhe – Markus Weinzierl needed a game to start up. The new Nuremberg coach lost his first game at home against Kiel 2:3. Since then, however, the Middle Franconia have not conceded a goal and have not lost three games in a row. There were victories in Düsseldorf and in the DFB Cup at Waldhof Mannheim (each 1-0). The last home game against Hannover ended goalless.

Before start: A look at the table reveals to us that the eighth hosts the thirteenth. There are five points between the two teams. Together with Rostock, the club has the weakest offensive in the league (twelve goals this season). In return, FCN conceded only one more goal (21) than FCK (20).

Before start: Compared to last weekend, Markus Weinzierl makes a change to the guests. Instead of Christoph Daferner (bank), Lukas Schleimer moves into the Nuremberg starting formation.

Before start: The following eleven players are initially on the pitch for 1. FC Nürnberg: Mathenia – Gyamerah, Schindler, J. Lawrence, Nürnberger – Geis, Tempelmann, Castrop, Möller Daehli – Duah, Schleimer.

Before start: Compared to the last competitive game, Dirk Schuster left everything the same for the home side and sent the Lauterer starting eleven into the race unchanged.

Before start: Right from the start of the reporting, we devote ourselves to the personnel matters of the day and first and foremost to the line-ups of both teams. 1. FC Kaiserslautern tackles the task with this line-up: Luthe – Durm, Bormuth, Tomiak, Zuck – Niehues, Ritter, J. Zimmer, Klement, Redondo – Boyd.

Before start: In the run-up to the traditional duel, FCK coach Dirk Schuster showered 1. FC Nürnberg with praise. The club is a “heavyweight” in the second division. Club trainer Markus Weinzierl claims to have recognized a psychological tactic in the statements. “That’s Dirk’s program,” he said, visibly amused. Schuster likes to make his opponent the favourite, he feels more comfortable playing the outsider role. “We know that and have heard it. Ultimately, however, we are five points behind Kaiserslautern and have come through a difficult phase,” admitted the 47-year-old at the same time.

Before start: The match will be played from 1.30 p.m. The Fritz Walter Stadium on the Betzenberg in Kaiserslautern serves as the venue.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the match between Kaiserslautern and Nuremberg.

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