Hertha BSC vs. Schalke 04: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker

Hertha BSC vs. Schalke 04: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker

Hertha BSC welcomes FC Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga today. You can follow the game in the live ticker here.

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Hertha BSC – Schalke 04 0:0

Lineup Hertha BSC Christensen – Kenny, Rogel, Kempf, Plattenhardt – Tousart, S. Serdar, Lukebakio, Ejuke – Kanga, Jovetic
Formation Schalke 04 Schwolow – Brunner, Yoshida, Matriciani, Ouwejan – Krauss, Kral, Aydin, Drexler, Bülter – Terodde
yellow cards

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Hertha BSC vs. Schalke 04: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – 0:0

45th: The stoppage time in the first round is running, three minutes are displayed because of the two video evidence.

43: Kanga! Lukebakio breaks through again on the right, looking for Kanga centrally in front of the five. The striker jumps straight into the shot, but puts it just over the crossbar on the right from nine meters.

41st: The Berliners actually need a win this Sunday afternoon, because one point against the previously injured Schalke is clearly not enough, especially after the past few weeks. In terms of play, there is still little coming from Sandro Schwarz’s team.

39th: Hertha didn’t really come forward just before the break, Schalke now has everything under control in the game against the ball. It is a comparatively confident performance by the guests.

37th: Schalke are constantly on their opponents’ feet, the guests have Hertha well under control in direct duels. Sandro Schwarz continues to complain about the lack of positional play on the sidelines.

35th: Shortly before the break, Schalke is hesitant to build up the game, the miners seem to have gained a little self-confidence after the two goals that were withdrawn. Hertha had hardly any offensive scenes worth mentioning after the initial phase.

33rd: Schalke is now getting better and better at pressing against the ball, while Hertha often has to switch to long balls on the flanks. The Royal Blues are doing a lot better today than they did against Hoffenheim during the week.

31st: 15 minutes until the break. Will we see another goal or will it remain 0-0?

29th: The Schalke are actually too slow, especially on the defensive, to keep the fast Berliners in check. So far, however, Hertha has not played really fast actions, so Schalke can often defend against a lot of danger with good positional play.

27th: Jovetic with the next huge chance! Lukebakio passes Matriciani on the right, then puts the ball halfway up the near post to Jovetic. The Montenegrin shoots directly, but the ball bounces when he finishes and lands on the right side of the goal.

25th: Schalke are the better team in terms of chances, also because Hertha often loses the ball early in the build-up game. The central defenders of the hosts diligently collect ball actions, but the ball rarely goes into midfield.

23rd: … and sticks to his decision. The ball does not bounce clearly from Ouwejan to Terodde, but he clearly fouls Lukebakio in the fight for the ball. Either way, an irregular goal means that Schalke are off the scoreboard again.

22nd: Schalke celebrates again – and again the guests are offside! After a press with Lukebakio, Ouwejan steers the ball right into the box to Terodde, who shoots flat from nine meters and fails in the far corner at Christensen. Bülter dusts from nine meters to the left of the penalty area and scores again. Referee Petersen checks the scene again…

20th: To date, two-thirds of all game actions have been on the Berlin account, but the deals are on the Schalke side. The guests have already aimed at goal four times, Hertha have only had three chances to score so far.

18th: The Berlin full-backs Kenny and Plattenhardt did not look good when Bülter struck offside, Hertha was not always close to the Schalke opponents in previous switching situations. First, however, the Black Elf takes over the game structure again, Schalke goes back to pressing.

16th: … and the hit correctly does not count! Bülter is just offside when the goal is created, so Hertha is lucky again. The Berliners have now finally been warned.

14th: Bülter with the shocker! Aydin brings a strong cross from the right side to the far post, where Bülter volleys the ball from eight meters and an acute angle. The shot hits the top right perfectly, Christensen has no chance. Referee Petersen looks at the scene again, it’s about an offside position by Bülter…

13th: Terodde appears on the offensive for the first time! After a cross from Bülter from the left, the striker beat Rogel at the penalty spot, but his shot in the far post is no problem for Christensen.

11th: In the first few minutes, Schalke comes mainly from the flanks, but so far with little success. Hertha usually fills the outer lanes with an additional player and thus clears resolutely before danger can arise.

9th: Serdar is looking for Drexler at the far post with the first Schalke corner kick from the right, but the former Cologne player does not get enough control in the end. Nevertheless, it is Schalke’s first approach to the goal.

7th: Hertha has the upper hand in the first few minutes, Schalke defends against the ball early in the game with a back five in a 5-1-2-2.

5th: Schwolow with the next parade! Lukebakio places the ball flat from the right to the short five-point corner, where Kanga slips into the ball again. Schwolow makes the short corner safely and prevents the goal again.

3rd: Kanga checks ex-Herthaner Schwolow for the first time! The striker got through well against Matriciani on the right in the sixteenth and pulls from twelve meters from the turn, but Schwolow safely takes the low shot in the center of the goal.

Hertha BSC vs. Schalke 04: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – kick-off 1st half

1.: Here we go! The ball is rolling in Berlin!

Hertha BSC vs. Schalke 04: Bundesliga NOW in the live ticker – before the start

Before start: Martin Petersen will referee today’s match, he will be supported on the sidelines by Alexander Sather and Marcel Pelgrim. Fourth official is Thomas Gorniak. Johan Pfeifer sits at the video monitors, his assistant is Philipp Hüwe.

Before start: Although Hertha has only lost four times this season, a whopping five draws ensure that the capital city simply cannot move. Point wins against Hoffenheim, Freiburg or Mainz show the potential of the Berliners, who want to celebrate their second win of the season against Schalke.

Before start: With two more points, Hertha is not really doing well either, and with a defeat it could even slip to the relegation rank. In contrast to the three teams that are in the relegation zone, the old lady is still holding on to coach Sandro Schwarz. Probably also because the unrest about a possible buyback of Lars Windhorst’s shares in the club has further unsettled the club.

Before start: With Timothee Kolodziejczak, who last trained as a guest player at Schalke, today’s guests signed an experienced player for the defence. With 24 goals against, Schalke have the second-worst defense in the league, and the miners recently suffered five defeats in a row across all competitions.

Before start: Six points after ten matchdays currently means the penultimate place in the table, only VfL Bochum is worse off than Schalke. But: With a win against Hertha, Schalke could even jump to a direct non-relegation zone and bring a little peace to a season that is more like a roller coaster ride.

Before start: In his Bundesliga debut, Matthias Kreutzer made five changes to TSG 1899 Hoffenheim compared to the 5-1 loss in the DFB Cup: Mohr was replaced by Brunner on the right flank, Krauss and Drexler started in the center for Flick and Latza. Bülter and Aydin Mollet and Larsson also replace offensively. A 3-4-1-2 becomes a 4-2-3-1 on paper.

Before start: Schalke starts like this: Schwolow – Brunner, Yoshida, Matriciani, Ouwejan – Krauss, Kral, Aydin, Drexler, Bülter – Terodde.

Before start: Sandro Schwarz made two changes in the starting XI after the 2:3 draw against Rasenballsport Leipzig. Sunjic is again replaced by Ejuke in midfield, Kanga starts offensively for Richter.

Before start: The lineups are there. Hertha starts as follows: Christensen – Kenny, Rogel, Kempf, Plattenhardt – Tousart, S. Serdar, Lukebakio, Ejuke – Kanga, Jovetic.

Before start: The Frank Kramer experiment failed at Schalke. The Knappen go into a duel with Hertha with interim coach Matthias Kreutzer. Can you get the much-needed victory?

Before start: Hertha against Schalke 04 is also the duel between two troubled clubs. The losing streak of the promoted team from Gelsenkirchen is already four games. The Royal Blues celebrated their last and only win so far on Matchday 6 against VfL Bochum, currently bottom of the table. Although Hertha BSC has not won for five games, the capital city lost only one game during this time, which is currently only enough for 15th place.

Before start: The game will kick off at 5.30 p.m. in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the Bundesliga match day 11 between Hertha BSC and FC Schalke 04.



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