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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Dutch association cancels action with One Love pads

The Dutch football association KNVB announced on Friday that the captains of the professional teams will not wear a one-love armband in November as initially planned.

The reason for the rethinking is the refusal of two captains to wear such a bandage last weekend.

“If we play with the One Love band again within a month, then the focus will be on other things than the gesture you want to make with it,” the association justified the decision to stop the campaign with the bandage.

This caused horror in the LGBTIQ * movement, which speaks of an “incomprehensible” decision.

One of the two captains was 21-year-old Turk Orkun Kökcü from Feyenoord Rotterdam. He referred to his religion. Excelsior Rotterdam captain Redouan El Yaakoubi had worn a ribbon reading “Respect” instead of the One Love armband.

The remaining teams, on the other hand, took part in the campaign, and the non-captains wore a rainbow pin. The Dutch national team will also take part in the One Love campaign at the World Cup in Qatar unless FIFA puts a stop to it. Coach Luis van Gal’s team meets the hosts, among others.


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