That’s the reason for Sven Michel’s jersey message to Jakob Busk

That's the reason for Sven Michel's jersey message to Jakob Busk

Union Berlin’s Sven Michel lifted substitute goalkeeper Jakob Busk’s jersey after his goal against 1. FC Heidenheim in the second round of the DFB Cup. He now revealed the sad reason for his teammate’s touching gesture.

After the 2-0 lead in the 52nd minute on Wednesday evening, attacker Michel ran to the rink, took out Busk’s yellow jersey and greeted the club’s third goalkeeper who stayed at home. “A family background,” coach Urs Fischer said taciturnly after the final whistle.

Busk himself revealed via Instagram on ThursdayWhat was behind it: “After yesterday’s game, many people asked why Sven Michel and the team held up my jersey. Me and my family are having a very difficult time right now, because my son Carlo has had his third operation in his short life. ” It was “fortunately everything went well.”

The 29-year-old Dane thanked his team: “Yesterday was just a great gesture from the team and the club, which gave me and my family incredible support during this time. That is what distinguishes ‘us’ at Union, we are one big family and there for each other when needed.”

According to captain Christopher Trimmel, the team had thought about the action beforehand: “It was clear that something was coming. You always have a lot of ideas. A nice gesture!”


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