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Raúl de Tomás: Bayern interest, serious physical injury

Raúl de Tomás was also traded as a new signing at FC Bayern in the summer. Instead, he moved to another club with a lot of hassle.

Players moving from one club to another usually never run without problems. However, what happened this summer around the Spanish international Raúl de Tomás can without exaggeration be described as the biggest drama of the transfer window, which even resulted in fisticuffs.

The fact was that despite the contract until 2026, de Tomás really wanted to leave Espanyol Barcelona. With 17 goals, he was the third-best scorer in LaLiga in the 2021/22 season, last year he was instrumental in promotion with 23 goals. It is clear that RdT had aroused the interest of larger clubs with these services.

Manchester United and FC Sevilla were loosely named as possible buyers for the four-time national player – and also FC Bayern Munich. He was looking for a successor to Robert Lewandowski, who hadn’t switched to FC Barcelona without being disturbed.

But de Tomás wanted to go somewhere else, to Rayo Vallecano. He was loaned to the club from the Madrid district of Vallecas by Real Madrid from 2017 to 2019, during which time he scored 35 goals in 68 competitive games.

Long negotiations took place between Espanyol and Rayo Vallecano, but the two clubs reportedly only reached an agreement a few minutes after the transfer window closed on September 1.

Raúl de Tomás: Adviser gives President a headbutt

A physical attack is said to have taken place during the negotiations. This is what Rayo Vallecano’s President Raúl Martin Presa claimed. According to Presa, de Tomás’ agent Ivan García headbutted him.

The Rayo boss described at COPE: “It was a completely unexpected headbutt, a criminal act and a cowardly act. Just crappy. If he warns me, we can fight.” He had to be treated in the hospital and has now filed a complaint against García. Rayo also released a statement condemning García’s alleged act.

Despite this incident, there was still a happy ending. On September 13, Rayo Vallecano announced the signing of de Tomás. The transfer fee is said to be twelve million euros – the Franjirrojos have never spent that much on any other player.

However, de Tomás will have to wait a while for his first appearance of the season. Since he could not be registered immediately after the transfer, he can only play for his new club from January.

It is questionable whether he would have played often for Espanyol up to that point. De Tomás had fallen out with new Espanyol coach, Diego Martínez. Martínez hadn’t considered him until the time of the move this season.

World Cup out for de Tomás

For de Tomás, who was born in Madrid, participation in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is now a hopeless distance. National coach Luis Enrique will hardly call a player without match practice into his World Cup squad.

After moving to Rayo Vallecano, de Tomás said goodbye to the Espanyol supporters on social networks, but then went after Martínez and the sports director Diego Catoira Mosquera: “Those who used my silence to protect their personal interests enforce in a cowardly manner, and who also use it as a cover to cover up unhappy management, should be held accountable for their actions without hiding behind me They will have their reasons for putting me in the cornered and undervalued.”


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