FC Bayern Munich – Insights into the round of 16: Mané remains a foreign body, there is no way around this FCB star

FC Bayern Munich – Insights into the round of 16: Mané remains a foreign body, there is no way around this FCB star

After beating FC Augsburg 5-2, FC Bayern has advanced to the round of 16 of the DFB Cup. However, the result belies a persistent problem. In addition, an offensive star continues to sag while another develops into a savior. Three realizations.

FC Bayern: FCB is particularly susceptible to this

As with the first bankruptcy of the season in the Bundesliga, the negative climax of Bayern’s autumn crisis, FC Augsburg presented Munich with major problems with a simple move: running up high and aggressively pressing on the ball-carrier. This resulted in three dangerous situations in the first ten minutes. While the first two chances were played out inconsistently, the last one finally led to the lead. The interim 2:4 was also a consequence of this.

Julian Nagelsmann and Leon Goretzka took hold of the initial phase ZDF in one word: “disaster”. The Bayern coach explained: “We didn’t have a good start to the game, the first ten minutes weren’t good. We were very sluggish there, won or accepted few duels.”

Neither Goretzka nor Joshua Kimmich had any connection to the game during this phase. Goretzka also acknowledged this without having an explanation for the small relapse: “That’s a very good question,” he replied, thinking about the reason: “It was like that four weeks ago. (…) We knew Yes, what awaits us and what is to come.”

The implementation took about 20 minutes. In particular, when the midfield duo took on “the fight” (Goretzka) against the toughness of the Fuggerstadt team and won their first duels, Bayern increasingly took control and concluded deals.

Augsburg was impressed by this, retreated far into their own half and left the German record champions back in their comfort zone. The game tipped over, which finally led to a clear result – even if, despite good opportunities, it was probably a goal too high in the end.

Against teams with more quality, such as TSG Hoffenheim on Saturday or Barça next Wednesday, this carelessness when playing against the ball could be punished more. However, if the construction site is repaired quickly, declarations of war like the following from Goretzka are not inappropriate: “We will now go into the games highly motivated every week and try to straighten out some things in football Germany.”

FC Bayern Munich: The next games

meeting Opponent contest location
October 22, 3:30 p.m TSG Hoffenheim Bundesliga away
October 26, 9 p.m Barcelona FC Champions League away
October 29, 3:30 p.m FSV Mainz 05 Bundesliga home



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