SC Freiburg vs. St. Pauli: DFB Cup 2nd round NOW in the live ticker

SC Freiburg vs. St. Pauli: DFB Cup 2nd round NOW in the live ticker

SC Freiburg and FC St. Pauli meet today in the second round of the DFB Cup. SPOX ticks the game live.

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SC Freiburg vs. FC St. Pauli – 0:1


0-1 Daschner (42′)

lineup Sc freiburg

Atubolu – Kübler, Ginter, K. Schlotterbeck (46. Lienhart), Günter – M. Eggestein (46. Höfler), Keitel, Doan, Jeong (46. Kyereh), Weißhaupt – Petersen (46. Gregoritsch)

Lineup FC St. Pauli

Vasilj – Dzwigala, Fazliji, Smith, Paqarada – Daschner, Aremu, Irvine, Metcalfe, Hartel – Amenyido (57. Matanovic)

yellow cards

Fazliji (41st), Paqarada (44th)

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SC Freiburg vs. St. Pauli: DFB Cup 2nd round NOW in the live ticker – 0:1

70th: St. Pauli unnerves Freiburg. The defensive five-man chain shifts consistently, the five players in front sometimes press, sometimes they pull back far. Defensively, this is an excellent performance by the lower-class guests.

67th: Günter and Weißhaupt play one-two on the left. At the end, a sharp, flat flank comes into the center. Gregoritsch gets the ball there, but misses the goal.

64th: Even with the lead behind them, St. Pauli always starts early. After a good first few minutes in the second half, Freiburg seemed increasingly at a loss.

61st: Ginter is back on the pitch again. Since his injury, the air is out of the Freiburg game again.

59th: Ginter has to go to the Freiburg doctor again, the wound has burst open again. Brych doesn’t let him play like this.

57th: After a committed performance, Amenyido leaves the pitch. Matanovic comes in for him.

55th: St. Pauli registers. The guests widen the game, which gives Irvine space on the right. Amenyido cannot push past Atubolu when he crosses the ball low against the first post.

52nd: Ginter gets an unfortunate elbow hit from Kübler, his teammate. He’s lying on the floor, blood spurting out of a laceration around his eyes. What looks disgusting, Freiburg’s medical department has solved with short official channels. Ginter stands again, gets rid of the last blood stains on his face and continues straight away.

51st: Günter looks for Gregoritsch’s head with a cross from the left half field – and finds it too. But the substitute striker can not push the ball on goal.

48th: Freiburg puts a lot of pressure on and now has a lot more depth in the game.

46th: The first opportunity for Freiburg: Doan makes the deep path over half left and pulls off immediately after the pass in depth. But the shot is decisively blocked.

46th: The ball rolls again. In addition to the four changes, this should give Freiburg hope: In the first round, too, they were 1-0 down against Kaiserslautern at halftime. In the end, they prevailed in extra time.

SC Freiburg vs. St. Pauli: DFB Cup 2nd round NOW in the live ticker – kick-off 2nd half

46th: And unlucky Schlotterbeck stays outside, Lienhart comes for him.

46th: Former St. Paulian Kyereh takes over for Jeong.

46th: The pale Petersen also stays outside, Gregoritsch comes for him.

46th: Streich made four changes at halftime: Höfler took over for Maximilian Eggestein – so there will be no direct duel with his brother Johannes today.

half time: Second division side St. Pauli took a narrow 1-0 lead against Bundesliga side Freiburg into the break. Even if the creation of the goal was as happy as possible, the lead of the guests is quite okay. Especially in the first half hour, St. Pauli stressed the Bundesliga club and hardly let it develop. The pressing paid off shortly before the half-time whistle. Far too little came from Freiburg offensively.


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