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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Waldhof stadium announcer causes a scandal with his tribute to a deceased neo-Nazi

The stadium announcer for the third division soccer team Waldhof Mannheim dedicated the presentation of the line-ups before the cup game against 1. FC N├╝rnberg (0:1) to a well-known figure in the neo-Nazi and hooligan scene.

“This action was not coordinated with the club. We will talk about it and see how we react to it,” said Managing Director Markus Kompp Rheinpfalz newspaper at Tuesday evening. “I would like to make it clear that these ideas do not correspond to the attitude of SV Waldhof.”

The person named by the stadium announcer died last Sunday. He had sat on the city council for the right-wing extremist NPD and, according to media reports, had several previous convictions for violent crimes and illegal possession of weapons.

The club announced in the evening that its announcer did not know the background. “Of course, SV Waldhof and our stadium spokesman continue to distance themselves from right-wing extremist ideas,” wrote the Mannheimers.


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