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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

St. Pauli vs. HSV: riots before Hamburg Derby

Riots broke out before the city derby between FC St. Pauli and Hamburger SV in the 2nd Bundesliga. When the fan march registered by the HSV supporters reached the Heiligengeistfeld with around 3,500 people, up to 200 FC St. Pauli fans tried to reach it. According to the police, however, this was prevented.

The hosts asked Twitter “the question of the proportionality” of the operation and called for “clarification”.

On a video, a fan lying on the ground is hit by a police officer. According to the neighborhood club, several people were injured.

The police said that “parts of this group were taken into custody”. “Video circulating on the internet shows one such detention, in which a police officer uses coercion in the form of physical violence,” police tweeted.

Police spokeswoman Sandra Levgrün said opposite NDR 90.3: “Situations like this don’t look nice. It has something to do with physical coercion, with direct coercion that we use at the point. And these people put up resistance. In that respect, the situations look ugly, and that’s not for the police either nice, but it has to be done. We can’t just let them go just because we feel resistance.”


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