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From ‘Penalty Killer’ to Beast! How a Brazilian top star became a cold-blooded killer

Bruno Fernandes de Souza was considered THE next goalkeeper for the Seleção. But then there was a gruesome murder case – which he had commissioned.

When Bruno Fernandes de Souza was introduced to Brazilian fourth division club Rio Branco FC in the summer of 2020, events at the club took a turn for the worse. The club’s only sponsor, the supermarket chain Arasuper, announced its collaboration with Rio Branco. The coach of the women’s team also left the club, fans staged protest marches and there was huge criticism on the internet. But why the uproar about a keeper of a fourth division? The cruel answer: Bruno Fernandes de Souza ordered the murder of his girlfriend ten years earlier.

Time to look back: In 2009, Bruno Fernandes de Souza’s life looked very different. The goalkeeper becomes Brazilian champion with Flamengo, is considered a “penalty killer” and a hero in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro. The strong performances call FC Barcelona and AC Milan onto the scene, among others, and he is regarded as the successor to Júlio César in the Brazilian national team.

In the same year he met his girlfriend Eliza Samudio, and in February 2010 Samudio gave birth to a child together. Bruno is the biological father of the child named Bruninho, but does not recognize paternity as he does not want to pay child support. Then, on June 4, 2010, the cruelty happened: Samudio accepted an invitation from the goalkeeper to visit his house in Esmaraldas and was then abducted by him and his friends. She’s never coming back.

In 2010, Bruno denied having anything to do with Samudio’s disappearance and revealed himself in an interview veja worried: “I pray that she will be found. And if that happens, I will fight to be there for the child. Because you can’t let her down.”

Bruno’s cousin uncovers the murder

But Bruno’s then 17-year-old cousin ratted out the goalkeeper to the police. The details that the cousin reveals read like something out of a horror film: Samudio was lured into the house, dismembered and fed the individual parts to Bruno’s Rottweiler puppies. In 2013 he was found guilty and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Due to the progressive prison system used in Brazil, Bruno has been able to live and work outside of prison since July 2019. Bruno showed no remorse in 2020, ten years after the terrible act and continued to deny the allegations: “There are a lot of investigative errors. Everyone I asked for forgiveness forgave me. I can sleep with a clear conscience.” , Bruno said in an interview with the TV station SBT. The mother of his dead ex-girlfriend has not yet forgiven him for the crime and complained to the Internet portal UOL: “In seven years he has now rebuilt his life. And that of my daughter? Who is giving it back?”

Coming back to Rio Branco FC, club president Neto Alencar said of the Bruno cause: “If the judiciary that sentenced you is the same as that released you, society cannot prevent you from going to work.” In Acre State, Bruno would have been required to wear cuffs, but he was allowed to remove them for the games.

Bruno let his contract with Rio Branco expire in January 2021, after a stint with the Brazilian fifth division club EC Atlético Carioca he ended his active football career in the summer of 2021. The ongoing media pressure has become too great, for the future he is planning a career as an investor.


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