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FC Bayern – Oliver Kahn’s word of power: “No doubts at all” about Nagelsmann

Oliver Kahn has spoken a word of power in view of the recent sharper criticism of coach Julian Nagelsmann. “There is absolutely no doubt about his work,” said the Bayern Munich CEO ahead of the Champions League game at Viktoria Pilsen DAZN.

The discussion about the alleged lack of experience was “ludicrous,” he said, emphasizing: “We are fully convinced of him and are going through this bumpy phase.”

Among other things, Kahn’s predecessor Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had last called Nagelsmann (35) a “trainer talent”. “In the end, it doesn’t strengthen my position,” said the coach, after all, these statements were also discussed in the team.

“It’s not about the age, it’s about the quality,” emphasized Kahn (53): “Julian has an incredible quality as a coach, there are many, many older coaches, when they get there, they have achieved a lot. ” In view of the “special” task at FC Bayern, every coach must first find his way, “regardless of whether you are 35 or 65”.

“Nobody has a problem with substantive debates about tactics or personnel,” added Kahn: “But going to the personal level and starting with the outfit” or “everything that was great and fresh at the beginning was suddenly only negative ” to see, “that’s not necessary. Let’s stay objective, we’re totally open to criticism.”

Kahn comments on his freak out at BVB

Before the game against Pilsen, the 53-year-old also commented on his enormous freak in the Dortmund stands when Anthony Modeste equalized to make it 2-2 at the last second.

“There are moments when the footballer reappears in me. That triggers, of course, a moment like that in Dortmund. It brings back old feelings in you.” However, he then “regained his composure very quickly”.


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