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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Austria’s Muharem Huskovic woke up from artificial deep sleep

After the traffic accident on Wednesday evening, Muharem Huskovic was taken to the Baden State Hospital, operated on there and then put into artificial deep sleep as a precautionary measure. This was reported by Wiener Austria in a press release on Thursday.

The 19-year-old suffered several serious injuries, none of which were life-threatening. According to the current status, no more acute operations are necessary for the time being, so the recovery course was started today and Huskovic was woken up. The offensive player will remain in intensive care in the coming days for further observation.

“He is now lively and approachable. He has already sent the first positive signals,” says Austria’s sports director Manuel Ortlechner sky. “Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he gets back to normal health and can do what he loves to do which is play football and ideally in a purple jersey. And also his girlfriend that everything is fine there.”

Manfred Schmid: “It was a huge shock”

Coach Manfred Schmid also spoke about his protégé’s accident: “Last night it was a huge shock after the news of Muki’s serious accident. We also discussed it with the team today. I can’t say how each individual is processing it , but of course the mood was very, very subdued. The only positive thing is that we have now heard that he has woken up and is responsive and the injuries are not that bad after all.”

According to a report by NE The accident happened on the A3 near Ebreichsdorf. Accordingly, the car crashed into a truck driving in front of it for reasons that have not yet been clarified. Huskovic was therefore trapped in the car, a passenger was able to leave the car on her own. Any help came too late for a dog in the car.

According to the media report, the accident car caught fire, which had to be brought under control by first responders. Paramedics treated the seriously injured at the scene of the accident, after which Huskovic was taken to the hospital by rescue helicopter.

“In consultation with his family, we ask you to continue to refrain from speculation and to protect and respect the privacy of Muki Huskovic and the family,” the violets ask in a broadcast.


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