Luis Rubiales blasphemes about Villarreal, Seville and Valencia in a WhatsApp message

Luis Rubiales blasphemes about Villarreal, Seville and Valencia in a WhatsApp message

The president of the Spanish football association RFEF, Luis Rubiales, has come under sharp criticism as a result of leaked WhatsApp messages. In these he had blasphemed about three first division teams in the Primera Division – the clubs concerned are now demanding an apology.

According to him, he can’t stand FC Sevilla, FC Villarreal and FC Valencia the least. In a joint statement on Tuesday, Rubiales was asked to publicly apologize “to the clubs and their fans”.

They would also “condemn” the “gross disrespect” of the RFEF president. It continued: “The talks in which he speaks with such contempt, hostility and arrogance towards the three clubs are unacceptable for a person who holds such a responsible position and has to look after the interests of all clubs in Spanish football equally.”

In addition, the three clubs are “extremely concerned” about the possible consequences that Rubiales’ behavior could bring, as it “is not conducive to transparency within the competition”.

Rubiales: “Seville the second worst team”

The ones from the Spanish magazine El Confidencial Previously published excerpts that the 45-year-old had sent to several relatives, including his father, were written during Real Madrid’s game against Sevilla FC on January 8, 2020.

“Let’s see if we can get rid of this palangana (nickname of Seville; editor’s note)”, was Rubiales’ first message: “They are the second worst team of all.”

The answer: “Yes, and Valencia and Seville for me”. He then replied to his father: “For me in this order: Villarreal, Sevilla and Valencia.”

In the past few weeks and months, several leaks and reports have emerged that Rubiales has made serious allegations. Among other things, he is said to have financed parties with public funds. The RFEF then “resolutely rejected” the allegations.

Private audio messages from Sergio Ramos also surfaced, in which the centre-back asked him to help him win the Ballon d’Or.


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