Marco van Basten attacks Neymar: “Crybaby”

Marco van Basten attacks Neymar:

Former Dutch world-class striker Marco van Basten has criticized PSG superstar Neymar for his sometimes theatrical style of play.

“Neymar is a real crybaby, he’s always provocative,” said van Basten on the TV station Ziggo Sports, when it came to PSG’s recent 0-0 Ligue 1 game at Stade Reims. “One second he’s fouling someone and the next he’s playing the victim again.”

Van Basten, who became European champion in 1988 with Oranje and played for AC Milan from 1987 to 1995, explained that Neymar probably gets too much protection from the referees: “There is no permission to touch him. I would applaud , if someone would really deal with him.” Neymar is “an unbearable person on the field”.

Van Basten had already clearly criticized Neymar after the 2014 World Cup: “He makes way too much fuss. That’s not a good attitude! It’s better to always do your best. Neymar should understand that too,” he said at the time the Brazilian.


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