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Andrea Barzagli also criticizes Matthijs de Ligt

Andrea Barzagli has criticized Matthijs de Ligt from FC Bayern. The background to this is the statements made by the newcomer from Munich that he would not have had the chance to meet all expectations at Juventus.

“I would have refrained from speaking. Unfortunately, in football, especially the players themselves, we tend to blame others. We never look at ourselves and admit that we could have given more,” said Barzagli DAZN.

The 41-year-old was one of de Ligt’s predecessors in central defense at Juventus and ended his active career there in 2019. “I wouldn’t have said anything instead of speaking badly. In a few years he will probably do things differently,” Barzagli continued.

De Ligt moved from Ajax Amsterdam to Turin in 2019, but was only able to meet the expectations of the old lady to a limited extent. In the summer, the Dutchman finally moved to Munich.

“When you go to a team that has such legends in defense and in goal, it might be a bit difficult for a 19-year-old boy at first to perform like you actually could,” the defender said a few weeks ago at ESPN explained, alluding to Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci and Gianluigi Buffon.

De Ligt: “I was less myself at Juve”

He could not take responsibility as defense chief because he was not allowed – this accusation resonated in the De Ligt sentences. “In a way, I was less myself at Juve,” said the 23-year-old, who was previously the youngest captain in Ajax’s history.

In addition, de Ligt had joined Sky Sport Italia commented on his complicated start in Munich. He was “not yet used to” the intensity of the training. “In Italy it’s more about tactics and the desired system – and less about intensity, and certainly less about sprints,” said the 38-time Dutch international.

Nesta on de Ligt: “Just go”

For his negative statements, de Ligt had previously received a rebuke from Milan legend Alessandro Nesta.

“I would not have made certain statements,” Nesta said Corriere della Sera said: “They paid 70 million euros for you, they wanted you at all costs, even though you were injured for a long time. So you’re going to Bayern? Just go – and fine.”


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