Real Madrid – Ten games ban and thoughts of resignation: When Pepe completely freaked out

Real Madrid enjoyed ten successful years with Pepe in central defence. The Portuguese was considered an important building block for the royals for a decade, but was also regularly noticed with dropouts.

And when we say dropouts, we mean above all that the Portuguese was often not in control. In April 2009, however, the supposed climax of feelings came when Pepe simply couldn’t calm down in the derby against Getafe.

In the duel between Real and Getafe it was 2-2 up to the 88th minute. But then the game took an unexpected turn: Pepe conceded a penalty in a duel with Javi Casquero in the Royal penalty area.

The 39-year-old was then so upset that he completely freaked out. But maybe a look at the situation will help for now:

Pepe knocked Casquero down and kicked him twice – and that wasn’t all. He then grabbed Casquero’s head and arms and pushed him to the ground. Pepe still didn’t have enough: he kicked again while being confronted by Getafe players.

Casquero had had enough and Pepe took on the next Getafe player. The then Real Madrid defender turned his attention to Juan Albin and punched him in the face.

He then tried to take on the linesman, but was then pushed into the tunnel by his teammates.

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