When Rivaldo and a referee turned all of Turkey against them

Rivaldo showed outstanding performances at the 2002 World Cup. With one action, however, the esthete turned an entire nation against himself.

Rivaldo stands calmly at the corner flag, making no attempt to get the ball, which is only a few meters away from him. The clock is ticking down mercilessly on 90 minutes plus four – against Turkey, who are 2-1 behind at the time.

Hakan Ünsal is getting tired of the Brazilian opponent’s wasting time. The defender goes into action and shoots the ball in the direction of Rivaldo, hitting him in the thigh.

An action that animates the midfield star to an Oscar-worthy performance: as if struck by lightning, Rivaldo falls to the ground screaming, holding his face, although he was not even remotely hit there. Referee Kim Young-joo didn’t hesitate and pulled out the red card for “culprit” Ünsal, shortly afterwards the Korean declared the game over.

Joy at the Selecao, collective displeasure in Turkey – especially among the fans who stayed at home, who had followed what was happening on television and who, thanks to several repetitions, were able to clearly understand Rivaldo’s acting interlude.

Rivaldo: “He intended to meet me”

The protagonist, who is named man of the match after the memorable preliminary round encounter, is not aware of any guilt. “I was happy when I saw that the referee showed the red card,” said Rivaldo afterwards. “Creative players have to be able to express themselves if football is really to remain a beautiful game. There are too many fouls and brutality in football. It doesn’t matter where the ball hit me. He intended to kill me to meet, that’s all that counts.”

Nevertheless, FIFA was forced to fine Rivaldo around 9,500 euros. A novelty, since no player had ever been sanctioned for such a number.

“The media put pressure on them and demanded a penalty,” suspected the then Barcelona star. He added: “I don’t know why and I have nothing to blame myself for. It happened and will continue to happen. It was a completely normal thing for me.”

Anger not only directed at Rivaldo

His teammates jumped to his side. “I don’t understand the excitement,” said Roberto Carlos. “The amount is nothing, he can pay it.” Denilson explained: “Football is like that. You have to try to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes.” The Turkish delegation showed less understanding.

However, the anger was not only directed at Rivaldo, the focus was on referee Young-joo. He not only dismissed Ünsal from the field, but just before the end of the game he whistled for a controversial and decisive penalty against Turkey.

A save by Alpay Özalan against the Brazilian attacker Luizao, which started well in front of the edge of the penalty area, was misplaced by Young-joo within the box – including a red card for an emergency brake.

“A Korean has now killed 70 million Turks”

Accordingly, the Turkish federation asked FIFA to withdraw the referee from the tournament. “We sacrificed 1,000 soldiers here to defend the South Koreans, and a Korean has now killed 70 million Turks,” said association boss Haluk Ulusoy martially, adding: “We love the Koreans, but this man can’t be a referee.” A reference to the fact that numerous Turkish forces fighting on the side of the UN were killed during the Korean War.

In fact, the duel between Brazil and Turkey was the only appearance as main referee for World Cup debutant Young-joo, who at least gained a new fan.

Rivaldo said about the referee who was accused of taking sides. “The World Cup would be much better if there were more referees like Young-joo.”


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