Sporting Braga vs. Union Berlin: Europa League NOW in the live ticker

Union Berlin meets Sporting Braga from Portugal in the Europa League group stage today. Here you can follow the whole game in the live ticker.

After the 0-1 opening defeat in the Europa League against Royale Union Saint-Gilloise, Union Berlin is making its second attempt to score in the group stage today. It’s against Portuguese top club Sporting Braga. With the live ticker from SPOX you will not miss any game-changing action.

Sporting Braga 0-0 Union Berlin


Lineup Braga

Matheus – Fabiano, Tormena, Paulo Oliveira, Sequeira – Al Musrati, Racic, Ricardo Horta – Alvaro Djalo, Vitinha, Banza

Union lineup

Rönnow – Knoche, Jaeckel, Diogo Leite – Ryerson, Schäfer, Haberer, Khedira, Puchacz – Siebatcheu, Becker

yellow cards

Banza / Shepherd

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Sporting Braga vs. Union Berlin: Europa League NOW in the live ticker

Sporting Braga vs. Union Berlin: Europa League NOW in the live ticker – half time

45.+3: Then there is a break.

Sporting Braga vs. Union Berlin: Europa League NOW in the live ticker – yellow card Banza

45.+2: Banza catches Leite with his arm in his face in a dogfight. There’s yellow for that.

45.+2: The game saved the best scene for the two-minute stoppage time. Braga counters, Vitinha shakes off Jaeckel in the back, who can’t keep up and Vitinha puts Banza through. He fails in one against one on the strong Rönnow.

43: Hardly anything goes together since the middle of the first round. That’s a lot of junk. Also Becker’s cross now, which sails straight through Braga’s sixteen. It’s time for a break.

41st: If there is a big chance, is there also a small chance? If it were, Ricardo Horta would have just had her. Shot from 25 meters, slightly deflected, a good meter wide, Rönnow flies to be on the safe side. The following corner is executed briefly – and fizzled out.

40th: Ricardo Horta hits the ball in, which is phrased benevolently. The weak flank gets stuck at the first hurdle in the penalty area. Djalo volleys the high candle from 25 meters in tippkick style. That too fails miserably.

39th: What can Braga do with the ball at rest? The ball is on the left flank, a good 40 meters from the goal.

37th: Both teams have a pass rate below 80 percent, which reflects the events quite well. Braga still tries to maintain something like game culture, but mostly in the last line of defence. The ball runs safely there, after all. From the opposing half onwards, however, it is also defended imprecisely or well.

34th: The game just flattened out significantly. Constantly changing ball possession, sometimes wild duels and many bad passes characterize the picture. And there is hardly any speed involved, as well as when the players are constantly standing on each other’s toes. It looked better for the first 20 minutes.

31st: One variant works. Ryerson runs over the ball, Becker fakes the cross and instead plays in the backcourt. And there Schäfer shoots – straight into the arms of Matheus. Looked nice, but clearly lacked the flavor in the end.

30th: That was already relatively exciting, especially since Racic had to be treated for a long time. But then the game starts again – and Jordan takes the free kick on the right side against Al Musrati. What’s up with the standard at Union?

Sporting Braga vs. Union Berlin: Europa League NOW in the live ticker – yellow card Schäfer

28th: Schäfer comes too late against the laterally struggling Racic and kicks the opponent’s ankle with his long leg. Racic’ sliding tackle was rustic, yes, but the timing was right. So it’s a clear yellow card against Schäfer, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

25th: Half of the half is over, we don’t see an exciting game, but an open and balanced game. Both teams show decent approaches, with Union coming to an end more often. So also now after a wide half field flank. But even this header from Jordan does not cause any Braga fans to breathe.

22nd: Braga really comes to the fore after a long throw-in. Banza causes confusion after the throw-in, the ball is headed to the edge of the penalty area, by whom is not entirely clear. Ricardo Horta takes a direct shot from the air, but puts it well over the goal.

19th: But she immediately loses again. Because with Sequeira a player is on the ground, the full-back has to be treated. In the dogfight with the two storm edges Jordan and Becker, he probably came up unlucky. It takes a good two minutes, but then he can continue.

17th: In direct return, Djalo trickily dribbles from the right into the penalty area. The ball is supposed to go into the far corner from the inside, but a Union defensive leg just comes between. The game picks up speed.

15th: The corner kick that follows is even more dangerous. Because Leite gets the ball and pushes it with his head from eleven meters to the outer post. It is questionable whether Matheus would still have flown there. Lucky for Braga!

14th: Strong, as Becker plucks a long and high ball from Rönnow under pressure from the air. He literally sticks to his foot, and he even brushed off his opponent with the same movement. Then there is the through ball to Jordan. His angle at the end is acute on the right in the penalty area, he tries to lob. Keeper Matheus smelled that. With his hands in the air, he slides into the duel and fends off. Very strong action by everyone involved.

11th: Union does not necessarily have more of the game, but is more dangerous. Again and again, wide and high balls sail into the penalty area of ​​keeper Matheus. A serious conclusion is still a long time coming. But the guests are at least within reach and play according to a plan to occupy the opponent’s penalty area.

9th: But now we see the first chance to score. Not a big one, but still. Ryerson crosses from the right touchline, Jordan holds his ground in the middle and puts his difficult header a good meter wide of the far post.

8th.: There is first excitement in the Braga penalty area when Becker is sent deep and quickly crosses to Jordan in the middle. He fails at the keeper and at the post, one could speak of a big, big chance. But the following offside whistle and the confirmation via TV replay take the steam out of the kettle again.

7th: Also noticeable in Braga: It is played in half a stadium. The back goal stands are simply non-existent in the Estadio Municipal de Braga. An unusual sight.

5th: Braga makes a good start, takes control and lets the ball roll. Union is initially limited to the well-known duel strength and quick switching.

3rd: Trimmel isn’t with Union from the start today, that doesn’t happen too often. Khedira wears the captain’s armband in his absence today.

Sporting Braga vs. Union Berlin: Europa League NOW in the live ticker – kick-off

1.: Here we go! The referee’s name is Filip Glova and he comes from Slovakia.

Sporting Braga vs. Union Berlin: Europa League in the live ticker today – before the start

Before start: Braga and Union show some parallels. Braga started the season with comparably furious and, despite their underdog attitude, after six games and five wins with a draw they are undefeated in second place in the Primeira Liga. Today’s hosts have all won the last six games, by the way, too, and they have that ahead of Union, at the start of the Europa League. In the end it was 2-0 against Malmö FF.

Before start: The leaders of the Bundesliga are visiting Portugal in the European Cup! But no, FC Bayern is not playing against Sporting or Porto. Instead, a small club travels to Braga from the far east of Berlin. After a brilliant start in the Bundesliga, Union Berlin now wants to hit the Europa League. And forget the opening defeat against Saint-Gilloise a week ago.

Before start: At Union Berlin, regular keeper Rönnow returns to the goal for Grill. In addition, Puchacz celebrates his competitive debut for the Irons on the left side and plays for Trimmel. In total, that makes two changes compared to the 1-0 win last Sunday in Cologne, which coach Fischer opted for.

Before start: And this is how Union Berlin comes into play: Rönnow – Knoche, Jaeckel, Leite – Ryerson, Schäfer, Khedira, Puchacz – Haberer – Jordan, Becker.

Before start: This is the Braga line-up: Matheus – Fabiano, Tormena, Paulo Oliveira, Sequeira – Al Musrati, Racic, Horta – Djalo, V. Oliveira, Banza.

Before start: Union Berlin lost 1-0 at home to Royale Union Saint-Gilloise from Belgium on matchday one a week ago and are therefore still without a point. Sporting Braga, on the other hand, won their opening game against Malmö FF 2-0 and are top of the table on goal difference.

Before start: The game of the second matchday in Group D starts at 21:00 at the Estádio Municipal de Braga (Braga).

Before start: Hello and welcome to the Europa League group game between Sporting Braga and Union Berlin.

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