Mats Hummels frustrated after City defeat: ‘We had them’

Mats Hummels was left frustrated after the 2-1 Champions League defeat by Manchester City. “We had City. We had them exactly where we wanted them,” he analyzed after the game DAZN: “They had a lot of possession, but right where it was okay.” That’s why the defeat is so “bitter”.

“We were broken, that’s okay,” said the 2014 world champion, explaining his team’s passive final phase. But it wasn’t the system. Anyone citing the tactic as a reason would only be looking for an excuse. Both in the 1-1 equalizer by Stones and in Haaland’s 2-1 winning goal, Hummels nevertheless complained that the pain limit was not exceeded in order to attack the ball-carrying players.

At the second goal, Joāo Cancelo was able to cross without pressure because Emre Can had stopped. In the center, Haaland finally prevailed against Nico Schlotterbeck and other opponents. “Nobody should get the idea of ​​blaming anyone, Schlotti or something,” Hummels analyzed: “That cannot be defended. So if I read someone who says we are too late in a duel, he can unsubscribe directly from sports journalism.”

“We don’t go for it, let the flank go,” Hummels described the scene: “And then Erling Haaland is just Erling Haaland.” Edin Terzic could understand his defender’s frustration. “It’s the third time we’ve played them, the third time we’ve performed well,” said the coach. It wasn’t enough to win again.

He only had words of praise for his team. But in the end it was the quality that made the difference. “We put in an outstanding performance and at times had better chances to score,” Terzic said with satisfaction. The 39-year-old felt that the fact that Bernardo Silva and Kevin de Bruyne had played on the wing at some point was “a compliment for us because they couldn’t find them in the game.”

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