Frankfurt fan seriously injured in riots in Marseille

A Eintracht Frankfurt fan was seriously injured in the riots during the away game at Olympique Marseille. “He’s in the hospital,” said SGE board member Philipp Reschke: “We don’t know why he’s relatively seriously injured. But he’s stable and out of danger. We can only provide more information later.”

Like the fan’s girlfriend hr-sport announced that he suffered several fractures when he was hit in the neck by a missile from the Marseille block. He could no longer feel the left side of his body and fell down the stairs. “What we didn’t realize at first is that it fractured his cervical vertebra and three ribs. We only saw the hole in his neck beforehand and the blood spurting out, so we thought the carotid artery had been hit.”

Now he is in a Marseilles hospital: “He is not doing so well. He is particularly shocked because he can hardly move his left arm at all.” He may need surgery on his cervical vertebra.

Frankfurt in Marseille: “Expected State of Emergency”

“It was the feared state of emergency and possibly even more,” Reschke continued: “It is very strange what level of aggressiveness and hatred we were met with.” After the 1-0 (1-0) there could be “no joy” about the three points.

“There were certainly a lot of perpetrators on both sides. But I would say that there were significantly more on the host side,” said Reschke. He estimates a ratio of 15:1. “This is not an excuse and is not intended to protect anyone who has responded in the same way,” he said.

The board of directors for fan support, security and law also fears consequences from UEFA for the misconduct of Eintracht fans, anyway, the Hessians are on probation for home games after events in the last Europa League season. “I’m more afraid of a penalty for an away game,” said Reschke: “But I can’t rule out that the probation for a home game will take effect.”

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