“Hundreds of thousands of sports directors”: Zoran Barisic justifies Demir sale

Yusuf Demir’s sale was a stab in the heart for many SK Rapid fans. Rapid sports director Zoran Barisic is now explaining the background to the deal.

It became official on Thursday: Rapid Vienna sold offensive jewel Yusuf Demir to Galatasaray Istanbul. The transfer fee for the 19-year-old is around six million euros. A sum that was only a small consolation for the passionate fans of the green and white.

Rapid sports director Zoran Barisic did not want to be pushed into a corner – and justified the sale of the self-made player in a press conference. “Now the net is obviously spilling over. Thank God I’m not part of it. There are eight million team bosses, a million virologists and apparently now hundreds of thousands of sports directors who know better,” said the 52-year-old.

Barisic does not allow any criticism of the payment methods either. The traditional Turkish club reported payment in installments. “We do the same thing in purchasing, it’s a completely normal transfer that took place,” said Barisic.

Barisic: “We have double and triple security”

“There was a fixed transfer fee. With the six million fixed plus bonuses and a possible resale, there is a very good chance that more will be earned in the end than the fixed amount would have accounted for. We have double and triple security – it would be extremely high extra payments due if any rate should be delayed.”

Overall, Demir was difficult to keep, said Barisic. “When the first offer came in, it was actually out of the question for me that we would accept it. But then we said that if we can get the maximum out of Rapid, we will agree to it,” said the sporting director.

No further offers to buy Yusuf Demir

There were no other offers for Demir – only a loan option in Serie A. The Viennese Demir did not want to block the change request: “I have human traits. I’m proud of that because it has become rare in this profession. I will continue to do so in the future Allow transfers if the conditions are right for Rapid. But no one can push away, the players know that.”

Demir has been playing for SK Rapid since 2013 and went through all youth selections. After his unsuccessful loan to FC Barcelona, ​​Demir returned to Vienna in January of this year. Demir scored a total of eleven goals in 57 competitive games for Rapid.

In the current transfer summer, Rapid have already given, among others, Emanuel Aiwu (3.5 million euros), Robert Ljubicic (2.5 million euros), Koya Kitagawa (450,000 euros), Leo Greiml (free transfer), Filip Stojkovic (free transfer) and Kelvin Arase ( free of charge).


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