Saudi Arabia, Greece and Egypt are planning a trio of bids

The 2030 World Cup is to be awarded in two years. Now a bizarre application is indicated.

In its global sports offensive, Saudi Arabia is apparently also aiming for the World Cup. According to an Egyptian official from the Ministry of Sports, the announcement of a joint three-continent bid by Egypt with Saudi Arabia and Greece for 2030 is imminent. It would therefore be – like this year in Qatar – another Winter World Cup to avoid extreme heat.

Saudi Arabia, which invests huge sums in boxing, golf, the English Premier League club Newcastle United and Formula 1, among other things, is therefore willing to support World Cup-related infrastructure projects as the bid leader. Greece and Egypt would thus be junior partners.

Saudi Arabia is often accused of “sportswashing”, i.e. covering up abuses and improving its reputation by hosting sporting events.

However, the Saudis, Egyptians and Greeks would have to prevail against at least two strong competitors: 100 years after the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930, the two-time world champion wants to bring the tournament back to South America together with Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. In addition, Spain and Portugal have already announced their co-candidates.

World association FIFA wants to award the World Cup in eight years at its 74th congress in 2024. After the finals in Qatar (20 November to 18 December), the 2026 tournament will take place in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Then, for the first time, 48 teams will take part in the World Cup.

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