16-year-old was actually 28 and was banned

For a long time he was considered a youngster, a talented center forward in India’s top division. But when Gourav Mukhi’s age cheating was revealed, even the attacker’s closest teammates were probably stunned.

So how did Mukhi come to successfully dupe the entire league? Let’s take a look at the curious story that has an equally crazy ending.

Mukhi first caught attention when he became what is believed to be the youngest goalscorer in Indian Super League history.

He made his place in the history books temporarily on 7 October 2018 – scoring a goal for Jamshedpur FC. But then everything happened pretty quickly: According to information from Sky Italia Mukhi’s former youth coach is said to have reported the player to the Indian association – and informed him of Mukhi’s real age.

And that wasn’t all, because Mukhi himself is said to have promised himself in an interview in his home country with regard to age. Apparently he hadn’t planned the whole lie well enough.

Mukhi was subsequently banned for six months

Of course, this nasty age fraud should also have consequences for the then 28-year-old: the Indian football association AIFF then banned the player for six months. Mukhi was only allowed to storm in the first Indian league again after presenting a valid ID.

Because the curious story gets even crazier: It’s actually not the first time that Mukhi gave the wrong age. He and four other players are said to have been kicked out of the qualifying squad for the U17 World Cup in 2015 because of incorrect age information.

After the six months, Mukhi went back to scoring for Jamshedpur FC – the club seemed to have forgiven him fairly quickly. In 2021 he then moved to SC Mohammedan within the league, and he is currently playing for BSS Sporting, also in India.

Whether Mukhi will end his career one day without further scandals is currently open. In any case, the youngster became an experienced center forward – who continues to cause a sensation in the penalty areas of the Indian Super League.


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