Press conference with Julian Nagelsmann before the Champions League game at Inter Milan in the live ticker

Before FC Bayern’s game at Inter Milan in the Champions League. coach Julian Nagelsmann and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer answered journalists’ questions at the obligatory press conference. Here you can read all the statements in the live ticker.

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FC Bayern: PK with Nagelsmann and Neuer NOW in the live ticker

That’s it! The press conference is over.

Nagelsmann on the criticism of Sabitzer: “Basically, he’s important for the team. He didn’t have an easy first year. There are still very negative comments about his style of play online. I can’t understand that – even if he doesn’t play spectacularly. Against Union he was our best player and defended a lot of counterattacks.”

Nagelsmann about Inter: “Inter are an experienced and rip-off side. With Lukaku they are of course missing a super striker injured. They will be deep and we have to be creative.”

Nagelsmann on Bayern’s 2001 victory in San Siro in the CL final: “I still remember Oli’s key poses when he held the key things. I imitated that in his office. I always slid from one side to the other on the sofa. I still have against Manchester United shed a tear or two, unlike my dad, who was a fan of another big German club that won a lot back then. As I said, I can still remember Oli’s poses.”

Nagelsmann on Hernandez: “I would extend him. He’s a very good guy. He’s a fun guy who bites the ball when it counts. He’s an extremely toxic, aggressive defender. I had a coach once who said: “You’re a central defender, so your job title is defender. It’s nice that you can play a good ball, but it’s important that you defend well. He opens the game well. I wish I could still score a bit more. His power in defence he can bring set pieces. If he scores six or seven goals, it means a lot for us as a team and for him. He has a very good standing in Europe, but he would then be ranked even higher.”

Nagelsmann about Mané: “I expect him to pass on his experience to other players and live up to his claim to leadership. He has a special gift for leading a team – not even as a speaker. I assume he’ll be loud in the dressing room tomorrow. “

Nagelsmann on being the favourite: “Bayern Munich should always be one of the favorites with history.”

Nagelsmann on communicating with players who are not playing: “It’s very different. Sometimes you can tell who’s playing days before a game. You don’t always have to explain everything in the smallest detail. If you’re honest, as soon as he hears that he’s not playing, he switches to the game “You can say whatever you want. That’s why you have to explain it on the day of the match. I told Thomas before the Union game that he wasn’t coming out because of his performance, but because he was always playing. I don’t know, whether the justification is of much use to him now. You explain some cases of hardship in the hotel because they cannot be explained by performance. But sometimes you can save yourself such a visit to the hotel room, which is not always met with understanding.”

Nagelsmann on Goretzka: “I’ve already made a few decisions, but not for all eleven. We have created the premise that we all have players at a similar level. We can switch during or between games without having a big drop in performance. That came through good training performance and a very good rhythm so far. Everything has to find its way. We had a departure with Lewy, which leaves a gap where you have to adjust the style of play. But the finding phase went quickly and well. There is too much to change difficult for the structure. Then you don’t have any more time and you have to change when the three-day rhythm goes. We got a really good time there. Leon is also a candidate.”

Nagelsmann about Inter: “The Champions League is always special, even hearing the anthem. I’ve never been to the San Siro as a coach. There have been many historic games here. I don’t know yet whether it will be the same tomorrow. The opening game isn’t decisive . But we’re trying to get off to a good start. Union were a bit weaker. But we didn’t do badly overall. We’re in good spirits.”

That’s it from Neuer. Now comes Nagelsmann.

Neuer on the strain: “I love to play, but it’s important to regenerate. You have to take care of your body, sleep a lot and eat healthy.”

Neuer on the recently weakening Inter: “It’s the start of the CL. You can’t say that. It’s a completely different atmosphere and a chance for a fresh start for Inter. We won’t underestimate the opposition.”

Neuer about final training: “We have a lot of experienced players who adapt well to what’s to come in the big stadiums. Sleeping in at home and using every hour is an advantage for us. We only have dinner tonight and then the physios will be ready for us.”

Neuer on the striker debate: “It doesn’t annoy me. I’m mainly concerned with defence. It’s also the case that we haven’t scored that many goals lately. At the beginning, yes. In the penultimate game against Gladbach we created a lot of chances. We’re a bit unlucky and had a good opponent in Yann Sommer. We didn’t have that many chances against Union, but we have a good goal difference. We’re very versatile and try to push the ball over the line with a lot of attackers.”

Neuer about Goretzka and Sabitzer: “It’s very good that Leon is back. We’re very happy. It was also a long ordeal. We’re happy that he can support us again. Marcel’s development is very positive. Especially on the defensive. In We didn’t allow very much in the last few games, and that’s his credit too. He’s also involved in attacking. He deserves to get these games. We’re all positively surprised and very happy that Marcel is really there. “

Neuer on the role of Bayern: “We’re among the favourites. We haven’t managed to get through to the end in recent years. Bitter defeats like the last one against Villarreal. Retirements like that hurt. We have the ambition and the incentive to go very far.”

Neuer on the traditionally good start to the CL: “We want to prove that we want to get into the knockout phase. And that’s our aim too.”

Neuer about opponents Inter Milan: “We have a very strong group with good opponents. Being able to play in such a special stadium is something special. The fans always support me. I played against Inter Milan with Schalke 04 in the quarter-finals. That was unique and historical for the club history of Schalke 04.”

It starts 13 minutes late! Neuer enters the podium.

7.30 p.m.: It will take a moment. There is no information about the start time yet.

FC Bayern: PK with Nagelsmann and Neuer in the live ticker today – before the start

Before start: It’ll start in a few minutes.

Before start: Most recently, Bayern and Inter faced each other in the round of 16 of the premier class in 2011. At that time, Munich won the first leg in Milan 1-0. After a 2:3 home defeat, FCB still had to give up.

Before start: Not all Bayern players are at 100 percent. So far, however, nothing is known about the failure of a service provider. Nagelsmann could start with the following eleven: Neuer – Pavard, de Ligt, Hernandez, Davies – Kimmich, Sabitzer – Müller, Coman – Gnabry, Mane.

Before start: On Wednesday (9 p.m. in LIVETICKER), FC Bayern will play their first Champions League group game at Inter Milan. Coach Julian Nagelsmann and keeper Manuel Neuer will answer the most important questions at a press conference on Tuesday. We will be there for you from 7.30 p.m.

Inter vs. FC Bayern Munich, broadcast: Champions League live on TV and live stream

You can watch the encounter between Inter and FC Bayern Munich live and in full on Wednesday DAZN pursue. DAZN shows all Champions League group games on Wednesday this season exclusively on TV and live stream.

You can watch the Champions League game live and in full on TV DAZN 1. DAZN its transmission begins at 8:45 p.m. That DAZN-Team consists of moderator Laura Wontorra, commentator Uli Hebe, expert Michael Ballack and reporter. Max Siebald. The broadcaster also offers you the opportunity to watch the game Inter vs. FC Bayern Munich in the conference DAZN 2 to pursue. A German conference with all games with German participation offers DAZN also from 6.15 p.m.

The transfer of DAZN you can also follow live and in full in the live stream. There you can see Inter vs. FC Bayern Munich today from 8:15 p.m. You can find the live stream with your laptop in the browser or in the DAZNapartment With the DAZNapp you can also see the highlights of all Champions League duels. A subscription to DAZN costs 29.99 euros a month or 274.99 euros a year. You look up next to the Champions League DAZN also the Friday and Sunday games of the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, the Primera Division, the NFL, the NBA, tennis, boxing, handball and many other sports highlights.

Inter vs. Bayern Munich: Group C at a glance

rank team games difference Points
1 Barcelona FC 0 0 0
1 Inter 0 0 0
1 FC Bayern Munich 0 0 0
1 Victoria Pilsen 0 0 0

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