Nasser Al-Khelaifi shoots against Barcelona: “Danger that can destroy football”

PSG boss Nasser Al-Khelaifi has sharply criticized FC Barcelona’s club policy without naming names.

Like the Portuguese newspaper records reported, Al-Khelaifi used the international conference “Football Talks” in Portugal to smear the Catalan club.

“Some clubs have debts of 1.8 billion euros. It’s not healthy, it’s a disaster for football,” said the PSG president.

PSG do it better: “Thank God we do it in such a way that we have zero debt. Some clubs have big debts and that’s the risk, that’s the danger for football.”

However, PSG were just one of several clubs sanctioned by UEFA for breaches of Financial Fair Play.

Al-Khelaifi: “Disaster for other presidents”

But that didn’t stop Al-Khelaifi from following up: “Some stayed in office for years, then left and left debts for their successors. They left a disaster for the other presidents. That’s the danger for football and you have to worry about it and watch out because it’s the danger that can destroy football.”

This most likely meant FC Barcelona, ​​where not least the current President Joan Laporta himself complained about the legacy of his predecessors.

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