Press conference with Julian Nagelsmann before the Union game today in the live ticker

FC Bayern Munich is a guest at Union Berlin in the top game of the Bundesliga on Saturday. The day before, FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann answered questions from the press. Here you can follow the PK in the live ticker.

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FC Bayern: Nagelsmann-PK today in the live ticker

That was it from the PK.

Nagelsmann on neuro-athletic training some players use: “There’s a lot of subjectivity in what a player feels afterwards. For some players, a sauna or a massage is good, for others it’s not. I also go to the sauna, but I don’t think it’s really cool.”

Nagelsmann on the competition: “It’s the player’s job to evaluate his own performance. If you can maintain the team structure for as long as possible, there’s a good chance that you’ll be successful. We’re at Bayern Munich, there’s competition there. It’s important that the atmosphere stays good. You can only influence your own mood. Everyone has to be able to understand decisions correctly.”

Nagelsmann on Goretzka: “He coped well with the game. Michael Ballack has always played with pain for the last ten years of his career. Leon has one or two problems that radiate. These are partly innate things. You can see that he trains a lot. After rehab You’re often fitter than usual. He’s good in the air, has a good finish. He’s a very important player for us. He’s not only blessed with luck, but also with bad luck. But you have to tolerate and swallow certain things. You have to Don’t ask him every day: How is it? I had a similar injury history and at some point the questions got annoying. He won’t get injured again this year.”

Nagelsmann on Brazzo’s statement that some Bayern training sessions are better than Bundesliga games – and the subsequent approval of other club officials: “That means a lot of people are watching our training session. Then I have to build a fence. We have a good spirit at the training ground this year. You can feel the will to win in training. It’s a good atmosphere. Not just fun and slapstick, but also In terms of content. A Bundesliga game is a result sport, that’s not reprehensible. I don’t tell anyone how they have to play. Brazzo just said that we train well.”

Nagelsmann about Coman: “He can still improve his quota. In the training situations, he does it very carefully with both feet. His hooks and acceleration are unbelievably good. I’m very satisfied with King. He has a good character. If he’s fit, he’ll become us always help. Against such a deep opponent it’s good to have him on the pitch.”

Nagelsmann on Inter and Union: “Inter has a similar basic structure to Union, with a dual leadership. Inter shifts the game as often as Union. They try to get into the box with crosses from the side far from the ball. For Inter, our game is not a bad scouting game. There is one few parallels.”

Nagelsmann on coaching the players: “The two or three different structures we have: they coach each other.”

Nagelsmann on a Choupo mission against Union with its big players: “We can use it, but he has to train regularly for that. I’m happy if he can drive with us. Crossing doesn’t make much sense when the opponent is defending so compactly. Union defends well and cleverly.”

Nagelsmann about the staff: “Mathys will be out. He has a small tear in his capsule from the game against Viktoria. That will probably work again on Tuesday. It makes little sense to let him train today. Bouna will be out. There are problems with the patella. Otherwise everyone is there and everyone is in a good mood. You always try to plan three games in advance, but that’s not that easy because of the imponderables. We’ll exchange a bit. We have one or two players who have played everything. And we have the situation with the three Central defenders. Benji will definitely start again. There are a few changes compared to the cup.”

Nagelsmann about Union: “Very good development for a club with these financial possibilities. You make a lot of good decisions in terms of the coaching position and continuity. Urs has the necessary calm. The sporting management makes a lot of good transfers, similar to Freiburg. An example: Knoche wasn’t on the list for all the top clubs, now he’s doing exceptionally well. They have creative ideas. They don’t play complicated football, they play straight. They have a good transition game, good pace, good physicality, good calm, great fans, a good one Stadium – always with a great choreography and creative ideas to support the team. Difficult to play there.”

Nagelsmann about the delay: “We talked briefly about Choupo, who has problems in the adductor and pubic area. We decided that he would be there and train normally. He has to deal with the pain now. The discussion with the doctors just took a while.”

There’s Nagelsmann. It starts!

The PK was originally scheduled for 12:30 p.m., but so far nothing has happened.

Before start: After he started the rotation machine in the cup game at Viktoria Köln and especially knew how to convince the newcomers Mathys Tel and Ryan Gravenberch, the Bayern coach is spoiled for choice against Union. Leon Goretzka, who had been absent for a long time, also made an impressive comeback with a goal. Is there enough for one of the trio for a starting place? And will Jamal Musiala or Leroy Sané slip back into the starting eleven?

Before start: The media round starts at 12.30 p.m., Nagelsmann should ask himself questions about the possible line-up in Berlin.

Before start: Welcome to the press conference with Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann ahead of the game against Union Berlin on matchday 5 of the Bundesliga.

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