“The largest faction in Rapid is against everything and for nothing”

A disastrous week ended with two defeats for SK Rapid. The president and managing director of the economy announced their retirement, while coach Ferdinand Feldhofer will remain.

SK Rapid has had an eventful week. With the embarrassing elimination against the second division club FC Vaduz, there was an epochal bankruptcy in the European Cup, in the league they lost 2-1 to SK Sturm on Sunday.

Away from the sporting level, Managing Director Economy Christoph Peschek announced his resignation in an emotional speech, President Martin Bruckner is officially no longer available for the presidency and will clear his box after his term of office.

“Christoph Peschek has already said that there was a lot of negative energy, hostility and stressful factors within the club. And before this pressure cooker hits Hütteldorf again and the damage gets even worse, the two of us make our sacrifice for the club, although we are not responsible for the sporting success ourselves,” explains Bruckner sky. “Because nobody, and that’s very important, is bigger than the club and that’s why we said we’d make our offices available. I hope it helps.”

Martin Bruckner: “It doesn’t make sense anymore”

Bruckner continues: “I am a free man and I decided it for myself because I saw that it no longer makes sense. The emotions are extremely high, I can’t understand them. I like to joke that the largest faction here is against everything and for nothing. At some point you draw your conclusions and say yes, it is not wanted. Thank you accordingly and I really enjoyed working for this club for three years. Now I’m swapping the Rapid presidency for a better quality of life, my wife is happy that I’m more at home again.”

Bruckner was “never a president of Block West”, but “for all Rapiders”, he notes. After his tenure, the club would be in better shape than ever before – after all, Rapid would have 20 million euros more equity, a great balance sheet and a “training center that is internationally perfect”. His list for a second term was “great”, with people “from national and international business”. “But you said that you would only officially be on the list if it was ensured that there was peace in the club and we could work together. Unfortunately, I have to say, these business people were right and it’s also the case that potential sponsors are scared off now, but that’s life. We had a great idea and we really would have developed the club further.”

Will Hofmann become Rapid President? “A Special Club”

The Bruckner list is now done. Rapid legend Steffen Hofmann is currently working on a list “to save Rapid” – and apparently not just since yesterday. “This topic came up extremely shortly before the election, rumored. If it’s true that various lists have been working in the back, then no one has spoken to me about it. Rapid is a special club and these things happen with us,” said Bruckner smugly.

On an economic level, however, Rapid would not remain without a leader, that was guaranteed. “I have been elected President until the next election and we are fully capable and motivated as a team. It is completely clear that we will no longer touch on certain things that will run beyond our term of office,” said Bruckner.

The sporting situation is similar. Despite the European Cup disgrace, coach Ferdinand Feldhofer remains in office. Sports director Zoran Barisic confirms this on the verge of losing to Sturm on Sunday. “I know our coach, he is a very meticulous worker. If you have seen the performance today, you can tell that the team has his back. That’s why I’m saying very clearly: He’s staying,” said Barisic. “After all the things that have happened, we have to bring calm back to the club as soon as possible.”


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