This is what the seasonal tournament could look like

Commissioner Adam Silver’s in-season NBA tournament is taking shape. There is a first concept, but it is not yet clear if the teams will accept the proposal.

Like Shams Charania (the athletic), reported, the plan stipulates that the so-called cup matches will be played in November at the earliest from the 2023/24 season. The top eight teams would then advance to the knockout rounds and decide the winner in do-or-die matches in December.

Instead, the other 22 teams continue the regular season as usual. Cup games would also be a normal part of the regular season schedule, with only the finals being an additional game outside of the regular 82-game NBA schedule.

It is not yet clear what prizes the teams that reach the round of 16 would receive. This was already discussed last year. There were bonuses of up to a million dollars per player in the room.

During the All-Star Games in Cleveland, commissioner Adam Silver emphasized that players need to be “more receptive” to innovations, specifically citing the Season Tournament as an example. It is still completely open if and when the 30 owners will vote on the proposed model.

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